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23 White Hair Ideas To Try If You Love Cool Tones

Want to try white hair color? Read on for 23 white hair color ideas to bring to the salon.

While warm-toned shades like honey and caramel are always fall favorites, we can’t stop thinking about cool, icy tones—and we’re not the only ones. If you’re obsessed with cool-toned hair colors, you’ll be happy to know that ashy shades of blonde are just as on-trend this season. 

There are several blonde hair colors that fall into the cool-toned range, but white hair color is our favorite for 2021. What is white hair, you ask? This shade is even lighter than platinum blonde, reflecting true icy tones that are perfect for the chillier days ahead. 

Interested in trying white hair color? We’re breaking down everything you need to know about white hair dye, including how to care for your newly-colored hair and 23 gorgeous white hair color ideas to show your colorist. 

Khaleesi white hair

Can you dye your hair white?

White hair color is totally achievable with the help of a salon professional, but it'll likely take several appointments to reach your desired shade. Since white hair is the lightest hue on the blonde hair color chart, it’s going to take your colorist some time (and a few bottles of bleach) to lift your color enough to create those gorgeous icy tones. 

As with any shade that requires you to lighten your hair with bleach, achieving white hair coloring can be a damaging process—but don’t let that deter you from trying it! A professional colorist can work to improve the look and feel of your strands throughout the lightening process. You can even schedule a consultation with a trusted colorist to see if white hair color is a good fit for your strands. 

Khaleesi white hair

Why is my white hair yellowing?

Over time, it’s common for white hair to turn brassy. Everyone’s natural hair color has underlying warmth, and as your hue starts to fade, those undertones begin to peak through. White hair is the lightest shade you can achieve at the salon, which makes it even harder to keep brass-free. 

If you’re opting for white hair color, we recommend booking an appointment with your colorist every four weeks to keep your hue icy and cool-toned. You can also opt for a hair gloss if you want to tone your hair without damage. Formulas like Redken Shades EQ are demi-permanent hair colors that can help refresh and tone your color while minimizing fading and adding shine. 

Interested in trying Redken Shades EQ? Click here to find a Redken salon near you. 

How To Care For White Hair Color

Platinum blonde hair is one of the most challenging hair colors to care for, and seeing as white hair is one of—if not the—lightest shades of platinum, get ready to overhaul your hair care routine completely.

The foundation of every hair care routine is a good shampoo and conditioner system. We recommend swapping out your regular shampoo and conditioner for a system like Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo and Conditioner. Formulated with citric acid and vitamin B, this sulfate-free system works in combination with the concentrated Bonding Complex to strengthen weakened bonds and improve your hair’s resiliency and strength—even after a bleach session or two. 

You’ll also need a purple shampoo and conditioner like Kérastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra Violet Purple Shampoo and Cicaflash Conditioner. These formulas instantly neutralize brassy undertones to keep your blonde or white hair cool-toned. 

The back-to-back bleach sessions required to achieve white hair color can take a serious toll on your locks. Help improve the look and feel of your strands by incorporating a weekly deep conditioning mask into your routine. We love Biolage Colorlast Deep Treatment Pack Multi-Use Hair Mask. 

Your shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioner system will set you up for hair success, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your day-to-day styling routine. If you want to ensure your strands and hair color look their absolute best every day, we recommend adding a strengthening, heat-protecting primer to your daily routine. We love Kérastase’s Blond Absolu Cicaplasme Hair Primer. This universal heat protectant doubles as a fortifying leave-in serum to help unify damaged areas for less breakage and seal the ends with a lightweight touch.

Searching for white hair dye inspiration? Keep scrolling to discover 23 gorgeous ways to try the shade. 

The Best White Hair Dye Ideas To Try Now

Good hair day by @zunnyhair.

All Over White

It’s only right that we begin with the most striking look of all: a full head of white hair color. If you want your white hue to really shine, use a clear color-depositing conditioner like Biolage ColorBalm Clear Color Depositing Conditioner. This formula adds intense shine in just five minutes while leaving your hair 10 times more conditioned. 

Good hair day by @robynwhitthair.

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a smidge less icy than true white hair, but it’s equally as stunning. We love the way this shade pairs with pale skin tones

Good hair day by @cynfullyhair.

Frosted Blonde

Did someone ask for even more ice? Frosted blonde is a moodier take on white hair that incorporates gray undertones. The touches of gray enhance the shine and reflectiveness of the hue. 

Good hair day by

Pearl White

This high-shine shade offers an even more metallic finish than traditional white hair. 

Good hair day by @hair.dominatrix.

White Hair With Lowlights

If a full head of white hair color seems too severe for you, ask your colorist for lowlights to tone down your shade while adding tons of dimension. 

Good hair day by @hairbyduhsavannah.

Rooted White

While we used to cringe at the thought of letting our regrowth show, we’re embracing dark roots like never before. Opt for a white hair color with visible roots if you want to squeeze fewer touch-ups into your busy schedule. 

Good hair day by @1501_hairsalon.

Honey Blonde With White Highlights

We’re obsessed with the way white highlights contrast a honey blonde base. 

Good hair day by @therealhairbender.

Creamy White

If you have a dark skin tone, a cream white hair color adds a subtle touch of warmth to your hue that will really complement your complexion. 

Good hair day by @bangmyhair.

White With Lavender Tint

One of the things we love most about white hair color is that it works as the perfect canvas to experiment with any hair color you can think of. White with a subtle lavender tint is one of our favorite pairings. 

Good hair day by @pimpmydoo.

Peekaboo White

If you’re looking to get a taste of white hair without bleaching your entire mane, opt for a peekaboo pop of white throughout a brunette base. 

Good hair day by @houstonhairbycaseyjo.

Subtle White Highlights

These white streaks are barely noticeable but add a soft touch of brightness to this dimensional blonde shade. 

Good hair day by @imakeprettyhairx.

Peekaboo White On Orange Hair

High-contrast hair color is huge for 2021, which is why we can’t get enough of this all-over orange shade with white peeking through the bottom layer. 

Good hair day by @elle_ashandalter.

Smoky White

This silver white hair color is perfect if you’re looking for an on-trend way to embrace gray hair. 

Good hair day by @taydyez.

White With Chunky Orange Highlights

Did you think we're done talking about high-contrast color? For a more dramatic take on the trend, ask your colorist for chunky, ‘90s-inspired orange highlights throughout a white base. 

Good hair day by @adlydesign .

White With Orange Face Frame

Loving the white and orange combo? Here’s another idea: all-over white hair color with orange streaks framing your face. 

Good hair day by @idye4beauty.


Feeling extra bold (or indecisive)? Have your colorist paint one half of your mane white while leaving the opposite side neutral. 

Good hair day by @kellyoliviahair.

White Highlights On Black Hair

Black and white hair color is also on-trend for 2021. If you’re already working with a dark base color, ask your colorist to apply white highlights throughout your mane. 

Good hair day by @thevividvillain.

White With Peekaboo Black

Here’s another way to try a black and white hair color: a high-contrast look of white hair on top and black throughout the bottom layer. 

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards.

Champagne Blonde

This reflective shade of blonde is truly something to celebrate, offering a mix of icy and warm tones that work for any skin tone. 

Good hair day by @motorcitycolormelt.

Half Icy, Half Warm

Who says you have to have only cool tones? If you want a mix of warmth and iciness, get inspired with this half-and-half creation. 

Good hair day by @meaghanmastersonhair.

White Fringe

If you’re working with bangs, have your colorist paint white exclusively on your fringe for a look that will really turn heads. 

Good hair day by @lobeautycocharlotte.

White With Brunette Bangs

Or,paint your bangs a neutral shade while opting for white hair color throughout the rest of your mane. 

White With Blue

The subtle blue tint adds a more playful touch to this white hair idea. 

Interested in trying white hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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