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How To Care For Blonde Hair: The Ultimate Guide

How To Care For Blonde Hair: The Ultimate Guide

How To Care For Blonde Hair: The Ultimate Guide

Hair care tips to help keep your bottle blonde looking radiant. 

Blondes are known for having more fun, and in so many ways, it’s true! Salon blondes have many shades of blonde hair to choose from (don’t believe us? check out this hair color chart). Whether it’s honey blonde hair, platinum blonde hair, or a full head of blonde highlights, having so many choices can make committing to going blonde a no-brainer. While there’s nothing like leaving the salon with a fresh mane of whichever shade you choose, there’s no denying that it takes some work to keep your hue looking its best between touch-up appointments. 

Not only can environmental factors like sun, pollution, and hard water take a toll on your tresses, but excessive heat styling, shampooing too frequently, and over-processing can also make your hue go from bright to brassy quickly. That’s why, if you’re committed to living the blonde life, your maintenance routine needs to be top-notch.

Wondering how to take care of blonde hair the right way? We’re breaking down everything you need to know about blonde hair care, including how to hydrate, repair, and tone your color-treated strands at home. We even share the best shampoo for blonde hair to add to your routine. 

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Watch the video below to find out how to ask for the perfect blonde shade at the salon (and how to maintain blonde hair at home)

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