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12 Hair Colors That Are Basically Made For Brown Eyes

Hair Colors For Brown Eyes

In a world where everyone wants to be unique, eye colors like blue and green are often considered exotic while people with brown eyes aren’t even given a second glance! We think it’s time brown-eyed girls finally get the attention they deserve. What better way to put your dazzling amber eyes on display than with a killer hair color to make them pop?

If you’re looking to update your hair color with a hue that will perfectly complements your beautiful brown eyes, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 12 hair colors that were basically made for brown eyes. From dark brown hair to vivid hues, your colorist will thank you for coming to the salon with such killer inspo.

The Best Hair Colors For Brown Eyes To Try Now

Chocolate Brown

Your eye color and your hair don’t have to come from opposite sides of the color spectrum to look stunning. As a matter of fact, we love pairing brown eyes with a deep chocolate brown hue for a double chocolate effect. Because let’s be honest—who doesn’t love more chocolate?


If you have very fair skin, you may shy away from dark hair colors but that doesn’t mean blonde is your only option. If you’re looking for a fun color to pair with your fair skin and brown eyes, you can’t go wrong with lilac strands.

Golden Blonde

Brown may not be the most appealing name, but that’s only because it does nothing to convey the full spectrum of colors found in your breathtaking eyes. Opt for an all-over golden blonde shade and watch your brown eyes flash gold in an instant.

Mushroom Brown

If you love cool toned hair colors but aren’t ready to dabble with blonde hues just yet, consider mushroom brown. This ash-toned brunette shade can help your brown eyes to appear lighter than before.


We all know brown eyes have dazzling gold undertones, but their equally stunning red undertones often go overlooked. Enhance the ruby flecks in your eyes with this stunning copper shade.


If copper is a little too bright for you, consider this equally breathtaking auburn shade.

Millennial Pink

Millennial pink is never going out of style and for a good reason—it looks good on everyone, no matter your skin or eye color. Stay on trend and make your eyes pop with this fun bubblegum shade.

Ice Blonde

If you’re up for the challenge of maintaining ice blonde hair, you’ll be rewarded with a shade that will make heads turn and your eyes dazzle like never before.

Jet Black

Whoever said black and brown don’t go together is seriously mistaken. The hues may be similar, but that’s exactly why jet black hair is such a great shade for ladies with brown eyes. The ever so slight difference in color will make your eyes stand out in a way you never thought was possible.


The best thing about having eyes that are a relatively neutral color is that you can pair them with just about any hair color and they won’t clash, which is why we love this magenta shade. The deep pink hue allows you to live out all of your fantasy hair color dreams and make your eyes sparkle.

Caramel Highlights

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make your chestnut eyes pop but aren’t looking for a completely new look, opt for caramel highlights. The caramel hue will bring out the golden undertones in your eyes and instantly brighten up your face while maintaining your natural hue.


The colors purple and brown go together like peanut butter and jelly—literally. If you’re looking to try out a fantasy shade, purple hair is the perfect complementary color for anyone with brown eyes.

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