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Everything you need to know about how blue shampoo works

Blue Shampoo: Everything You Need To Know

Wondering if you need blue shampoo in your color care routine? Read on for everything you need to know about the product and two must-try formulas.

The idea of putting a bright blue shampoo on your hair might make you a little nervous. After all, that’s a lot of color you’re applying to your precious strands! We promise you’re not going to step out of the shower with a Smurf-like appearance when you use a blue shampoo. Instead, you’ll reap the rewards of refreshed hair that’s been ridded of orange or brassy undertones. That blue shampoo before and after might even have people wondering if you just visited the salon!

Below we’re explaining everything you need to know about how blue shampoo works, whether you should use blue or purple shampoo, and how to use this game-changing product in your hair routine. We’re also showcasing some of our best blue shampoo options.

What is blue shampoo?

Blue shampoo is exactly what it sounds like: A cleansing product that’s been formulated with blue pigment. So...what does blue shampoo do for your hair, exactly? For that, you need to briefly turn your attention to color theory! Blue is the opposite of orange and red on the color wheel. When you apply a very subtle blue pigment on top of these orange and red tones in your hair, then you cancel them out. Blue shampoo is intended specifically for toning brown hair

Blue Shampoo Vs. Purple Shampoo

The difference between blue and purple shampoo is the color and the intended user. Blondes should stick to purple shampoo to neutralize brassy yellow and orange undertones. Blue shampoo for blonde hair might work, but this pigment could potentially be too aggressive. Instead, we recommend blue shampoo for brunettes.

Blue Shampoo Vs. Silver Shampoo

Silver shampoos are intended for those with white, gray, silver, or platinum hair. These shampoos work the same way here, only the pigment is slightly tweaked to better neutralize brassy, yellow undertones that are notorious in these ultra-light shades.

Blue Shampoo Vs. Regular Shampoo

While blue shampoo can clean your hair, its primary goal is to address unwanted orange and red undertones in brunette hair. Regular shampoo can be used daily, or as needed, while blue shampoo is more of a periodic toning treatment that keeps your hair color looking fresh.

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What are the benefits of using blue shampoo?

The biggest benefit of using blue shampoo is that it keeps your tresses looking fresh and vibrant. In turn, you can better maintain your color in-between salon appointments. Some blue shampoos also contain ingredients that help further improve your hair health. 

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Who should use blue shampoo?

We recommend using blue shampoo on brown hair. You can be a natural brunette or a dyed brunette, and your hair can range from light to dark. Blue shampoo is especially helpful for those who struggle with orange or red brassiness and want to maintain their color. Brunettes with highlights or balayage also benefit greatly from using blue shampoo. 

How To Use Blue Shampoo

Generally speaking, blue shampoo is meant to be used as a treatment no more than once or twice a week. After wetting your hair, apply a generous amount of blue shampoo to your hair from root to tip, then let it set for about five minutes before rinsing. These instructions may vary according to your product, so make sure to read the usage instructions before diving in.

Our Best Blue Shampoos

Ready to try blue shampoo? We’re highlighting two must-try formulas below. 


Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo

An essential color-depositing blue shampoo to tone and neutralize brassy orange tones in highlighted, balayaged, or natural brown hair.

Redken Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo

Dealing with a case of brassy balayage? This Redken blue shampoo for orange hair will help solve your woes! Using this color-depositing toning shampoo helps counteract unwanted orange and red tones in brunettes with highlights or balayage. It also cleanses your strands without stripping your expensive salon color.


Total Results Brass Off Shampoo

A color-depositing shampoo that banishes brass in lightened hair.

Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo

To further prolong those cool tones in brunette hair, reach for this Matrix blue shampoo the next time you’re in the shower. It contains blue-violet pigments that help counteract brassy tones so you can better enjoy your color and extend your time between salon appointments.

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