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12 Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Looks To Try Now

photo of woman with cinnamon brown hair color

Over the last few decades, brown and blonde hair have been duking it out for the title of favorite hair color. For years it seemed as though the saying “blondes have more fun” rang true, and blonde reigned supreme as the most coveted hair color in the land. Recently, however, brunette babes have been gaining traction on their blonde competitors, and it looks as though we’re going to start the new decade off with a brunette bang!

If you love both colors and can’t imagine choosing one over the other, we have just the solution for you: brown hair with blonde highlights. This delicious color combination creates more depth, movement, and contrast than you ever thought was possible. Searching for a brown hair with blonde highlight style to ring in the new year? We’ve got you covered with 12 looks we just can’t get enough of.

The Best Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Looks To Try Now

Good hair day by @tabetha_and_co.

Money Piece

If you’re looking for a bold way to incorporate blonde highlight into your brunette strands, look no further than the money piece technique. The money piece adds a pop of color and vibrancy to your mane while accentuating your hair color and facial features.

Good hair day by @chadwoodhair.

Subtle Money Piece

If you’re new to highlights and want to test the waters with something a bit more understated, opt for a subtle money piece. By lightening a smaller section of face-framing hair, you get all of the benefits of a money piece without any of the commitment.

Good hair day by @colorbymattrez.

Caramel Midlights

If you ever felt like your highlights could look a bit more natural, you need midlights in your life. The hair coloring technique, coined by Redken artist Matt Rez, helps to eliminate stripey highlights by connecting the highlight color with your base color with a hue in between.

Good hair day by @nicole_sauck.

Sand Reverse Balayage

Reverse balayage is very similar to the balayage you know and love. However, instead of painting your strands with blonde or ashy brown, stylists use dark colors near the roots and throughout your strands to bring depth to your look. By keeping your roots dark, your blonde highlights really have a chance to take center stage.

Good hair day by @melaniedessauer_hairstylist.

Smoky Gray Highlights

You don’t have to opt for platinum highlights to jump on this trend. If you’re partial to smoky colors or have decided to embrace your naturally graying hair, ask your colorist for smoky gray highlights.

Good hair day by @hairmeroar.

Champagne And Chocolate Highlights

If your naturally brown hair is so dark it borders on black, you don’t need to rely on blonde highlights alone to add depth and dimension to your look. Ask your colorist for a blend of blonde and chocolate brown highlights for a delectable color that is bound to turn heads.

Good hair day by @jenghair.

Chocolate Brown With Caramel Highlights

Bring out the warmth and golden undertones of your natural chocolate brown hue with caramel highlights.

Good hair day by @laura_dugaeva.

Sandy Brown With Platinum Blonde Strandlights

If you have light, sandy brown hair, ask your colorist for a few strategically placed platinum blonde strandlights. The end result? Thin, natural-looking highlights that create a seamlessly blended glow and subtly transform your mane.

Good hair day by @xoxo_balayage.

Onyx Brown With Golden Highlights

At first glance, these highlights may appear a bit more brown than blonde, but with a base color as deep as onyx brown, golden highlights provide the perfect contrast.

Good hair day by @jaye_edwards.

Sandy Brown With Ash Blonde Highlights

If you’re considering abandoning brunette altogether in favor of blonder hues, test the waters by pairing light, sandy brown base color with all-over ash blonde highlights. The end result will border on blonde without completely forgoing your brown-haired girl title just yet.

Good hair day by @xo.farhana.balayage.

Dark Chocolate And Honey Foilayage

Name a more delicious combination than dark chocolate and honey—we’ll wait.

Good hair day by @herrohair.

Milk Chocolate And Golden Ribbon Highlights

Chunky highlights are back and better than ever! Channel your inner 90s girl with these golden ribbon highlights.

How To Care For Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

We love the way contrasting colors like brown and blonde look together, but brunette and platinum hues have different needs—how can you possibly care for both colors without neglecting the other? That’s where Redken’s Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner system come in.

This blue pigmented shampoo and conditioner system helps to cancel out the brassy tones in your lightened brown hair. All you have to do is swap your regular shampoo and conditioner system for colored hair out for Browlights once or twice a week to keep your color in tip-top shape.

Sound like you need Redken Brownlights in your hair care arsenal? Check out our complete guide to toning brassy brown hair for everything you need to know.

Interested in brown hair with brown highlights? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.