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Everything You Need To Know About Getting A Blunt Cut

30 January 2018
photo of fashionable woman with blunt haircut
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The blunt cut is a simple style that makes a bold statement, so it’s no wonder this hair trend is creating so much buzz. Ludovic Beckers, Belgian stylist and Redken brand ambassador, says blunt cuts are a hair trend made for everyone.

Here’s why he thinks this trendy haircut is here to stay.

photo of woman with blunt cut hairstyle

What is a blunt cut?

A blunt cut is when your stylist cuts straight across the bottom of the hair, rather than texturizing your ends using choppy layering techniques. The one-length edges make your hair look ultra-sleek and modern.

This particular cut is great in its ability to work for any hair length, allowing for a more personalized touch! Cut it super short for dramatic effect or opt for sleek locks with a bit more length.

The most popular length, however, is a blunted long bob.

Medium length is probably the most wanted,” Beckers notes, adding that it looks great for both wavy and straight locks.

photo of woman with multicolored blunt cut hairstyle

What’s the best way to style a blunt cut?

If you’re convinced that your thick hair will get in the way of your blunt cut’s and clean shape, Beckers says not to worry. This is 2018 and we’re all about added texture.

“Leave it as natural as possible,” he explains. “Too much influence from pointing or thinning techniques is not required. I would rather celebrate your thick hair instead of changing it.”

For an overall styling boost, try Redken’s One United All-In-One Multi-Benefit Hair Treatment. For more intensive hair care during the winter months, use the Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment to keep your hair looking gorgeous.

According to Beckers, the blunt cut can act as great base cut for other hairstyles because it’s easy enough to style for varying looks such as trendy beach waves. Any blunt cut can benefit from stylish curls. You can even achieve a playful look by topping off your blunt strands with a top knot.

All of the styling possibilities make the blunt cut a hair trend that you won’t regret giving a go.

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