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A Simple Daily Hair Care Routine All Hair Types Can Try

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All hair types can benefit from a daily hair care routine. Regardless of whether your tresses are long and thick or fine and prone to breakage, caring for your hair can pave the way towards healthier strands.

For tips on how to curate the best hair care routine for dark brown hair or blonde, we chatted with Lorena Landauro, educator for Kérastase Chile. Below, discover Landauro’s advice for building the best possible hair care routine for your hair type! 

How To Build A Daily Hair Care Routine

Your hair is a reflection of you, so why not treat it well? According to Landauro, healthy hair should “look and feel wholesome and beautiful.”

“It’s an intimate expression of identity for women,” she says.

When it comes to building an effective hair care routine, it’s best to take a customized approach that’s in line with your hair type and styling preferences. Still, certain steps can apply to all. For all hair types, Landauro recommends the 3-step hair routine by Kérastase.

Since the products in this routine are specially engineered to work harmoniously together, you’ll be able to optimize your results.
 Although the products in your routine will vary depending on your hair, the basics of any good hair care routine are universal. Here’s a blueprint to follow: Start by shampooing your hair to get rid of impurities, excess oils, and product buildup. Next, condition your hair to nourish your strands and minimize the look of damage. Lastly, style your hair as desired. For help developing a personalized hair care routine, visit your stylist who can assess your hair type and make recommendations. 

"Every woman is a world herself, and so is her hair. That’s why a thorough consultation is extremely important; it’s the only way to determine what product a person should use to achieve the hair of her dreams. It’s all about personalization," Landauro says.

The Best Daily Hair Care Routine For Curly Hair

Certain hair types, like curly hair, could use a little extra TLC in addition to the steps listed above. An effective hair care routine for curly hair should nourish and protect the hair to help minimize damage.

"Curls tend to be very sensitive because of their shape...so it’s really important to protect them in every step of your hair care routine," Landauro adds.

If your hair is coarse, dry, damaged, wavy, or curly, we recommend using a hair mask once a week to provide a boost of hydration. The Kérastase Discipline Curl Idéal Hair Mask is perfect for replenishing the oils in your hair, giving your curls definition, and fighting frizz. Also, make sure to use a heat protectant—like Kérastase Résistance Ciment Thermique Blow Dry Primer—before using any hot tools to protect your coils against heat damage.

The Best Daily Hair Care Routine For Hair Growth

If you’re dealing with thinning hair, you’ll want to include a scalp treatment in your daily hair care routine. We recommend the Kérastase Specifique Intensive Scalp & Thinning Hair Treatment, which helps reduce the appearance of hair thinning while promoting volume and flexibility.

Have more questions about building the best hair care routine for your hair type? Visit a salon to see a professional who can advise on the best steps to follow and products to use so you can achieve healthy, beautiful hair.

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