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Fairycore is the latest aesthetic taking over the hair world. Learn all about what makes this mythical ethos tick, plus 15 enchanting hairstyles for spring.

Want Whimsical Spring Hair? Try the Fairycore Trend

Fairycore is the latest aesthetic taking over the hair world. Learn all about what makes this mythical ethos tick, plus 15 enchanting hairstyles for spring.

Whether you’ve gotten a visit from the tooth fairy as a kid or prayed to your fairy godmother for , we can all agree that the mystical powers of fairies have bewitched us at some point. Luckily, fairycore is the latest to sweep through the # world right now, and it couldn’t possibly have come at a better time. We’re breaking down everything you need to know about fairycore for hair and why it’s the ultimate aesthetic for all of your upcoming spring events like prom, festivals, and wedding season.

What does fairycore mean?

Fairycore is a design aesthetic that embodies the enchanting nature of fairy life, which can include everything from mythical creatures and magic to mischief and the mysterious nighttime woods.

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What is the difference between cottagecore and fairycore?

The cottagecore and the fairycore aesthetic are similar, but there are a few key differences. Cottagecore is all about romanticizing rural farm life and features elements deeply rooted in nature and the countryside. Fairycore, on the other hand, is a bit more whimsical. While it does include nature-inspired motifs like flowers, butterflies, and springtime, it has a more fantasy vibe, incorporating imagery like glitter, , and magic into its aesthetic.

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What is the fairycore aesthetic for hair?

If you’re not afraid to have fun with playful, fantastical hairstyles, you’ll absolutely love the fairycore aesthetic. Expect bold hairdos with sprinklings of glitter, an array of pastel colors, fresh-picked flowers, nods to rainbows, and so much more.

Arguably, the best thing about the fairycore hair trend is that it can be tailored to any spring event you may have on your calendar. Choose floral, nature-based styles if you want to give a whimsical edge to a wedding or . Attending a or looking for a idea that’s not your average run-of-the-mill updo? Incorporate spellbinding into your look, or test the waters of a unique hair shade that’s as entrancing as a fluttering fairy itself.

So while we may not always wake up with money under our pillow, we can bottle that same feeling of awe up and channel it into the best fairycore-themed hairstyles. Keep scrolling for 15 of our favorites this spring.

Our Favorite Fairycore Hair Ideas to Try in 2024

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Lavender with Butterfly Clip

Butterflies and fairies often go hand-in-hand. When you pair a flirty butterfly clip with a whimsical like lavender, you’ll basically be a walking billboard for the fairycore aesthetic.

Pro tip: A shampoo and conditioner system specifically made for fast-fading pastel hair colors like Matrix can make all the difference in giving your longevity.

Good hair day by @kellyawesomesauce

Pastel Braid

The only thing better than one pastel fantasy color is multiple shades of them! Show off all the nuances in your color with a side-swept secured into place with a flower pin.

Good hair day by @honeyhairandco_

Space Buns

Fairies are super unique and love to stand out, making these double-braided the perfect fairycore anecdote.

Video credit: @jenniifernicolle

Sparkly Bubble Braids

We could all add some magic to our lives with a sprinkling of pixie dust. are enchanting all on their own, but a dose of glitter brings them to the ultimate fairycore level. Use a generous spritz of Matrix to keep your bubbles and glitter on lock.

Good hair day by @curly.azahara

High Bun with Bangs

If “never grow up” was your motto long before a certain folkloric tale put the idea in your head, you’ll want to tinker with this fairy-inspired updo. Perfect for the gal on the go, a with bangs is chic, effortless, and functional for those days you need your hair out of your face.

A high bun works on all hair types, but if you also have envious , as pictured here, enhance their shape with a defining gel like Kérastase’s .

Good hair day by @hairbylunabelle

Pink Balayage

For a look straight out of a romantic fairytale, ask your stylist for a . Top it with hair confetti to make it feel extra festive.

Fantasy hair colors require a good amount of to lift the hair before a vivid dye is applied, so be sure to add lots of moisture to your hair care routine. A mask like Pureology can help hydrate, soften, and protect the vibrancy of color-treated hair.

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Butterfly Clips

If we had a fairy godmother to grant our hair wishes at the flick of a wand, these butterfly-adorned waves would be at the top of our list. While we’re at it, we’d also wish for no to achieve them—these tutorials may just do the trick.

Good hair day by @hairbylunabelle

Coastal Barette

Not all famous fairies live on land. Pull inspiration from the mythical sea fable creatures by opting for an amphibious barrette that encompasses all the best elements from the land and sea. Bonus points for dyeing your mane a hue!

Good hair day by @sparklingstrandsyyc

Hair Tinsel

Appropriately nicknamed “fairy hair,” can give you the shiny, glittery mane of your dreams without the commitment of actual . When installed by a professional, these shimmery synthetic strands can last up to two weeks.

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Half-Up Sparkle Bun

For longer-lasting glitz, invest in silk-based sparkle threads. They’re heat, bleach, and dye-resistant, so you can proudly don your fairy hair anywhere from several months to a few years. Throw your mane up in a half-bun to really show them off.

Video credit: @sunniebrook

Gold-Encrusted Butterfly Barrettes

You may not have fairy wings, but you do have gold-encrusted butterfly clips that can make you feel a fraction as majestic. Here, Biolage Professional ambassador Sunnie Brook demonstrates a quick how-to with butterfly barrettes.

Good hair day by @daliandra

Simple Flower

Some fairies prefer to fly under the radar. If that sounds a lot like you, a simple tucked flower is all you need to give a subtle nod to the fairycore aesthetic without overpowering your entire look. A dollop of Biolage Professional can help smooth down flyaways so your delicate flower—not your frizzies—takes center stage.

Good hair day by @annette_updo_artist

Floral Waterfall Braid

For easy nature vibes, dainty blooms placed throughout an ornate updo can make you feel anchored to Mother Earth.

Good hair day by @jamiewileyeditorial

Rose-Encrusted Fishtail Braid

Whether you pick your petals from your garden or buy them from the store, this rose petal-on- fishtail braid can transform you into a romantic fairy goddess.

Good hair day by @hairbykayti

Night Sky

Night fairies are indeed a thing, and you can channel their energy with clips reminiscent of a celestial midnight sky. If you’d prefer to try this intricate half-up look at home instead of at the salon, add a medium-hold styling spray to your arsenal, like Biolage Professional .

Find more of our favorite salon styling products on , and tune into our weekly broadcasts to see industry pros put them to work!

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