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The Glazed Donut Trend Is 'Baking' Its Way Into Hair Salons—Here’s How to Get the Look

Half the calories, twice the shine! A pro dishes on everything you need to know about glazed donut hair, the trend taking off.

You’ve likely heard about the glazed donut trend for nails, makeup, and skin sweeping the beauty world—and now, it’s time to show your mane some of that glistening love! Stylist and Matrix chief engagement officer Alfredo Lewis filled us in on how to pull off the perfectly shiny glazed donut look for hair.

“This is a great quick service with maximum shine and results you have to see to believe,” says the pro stylist. “The entire service takes about 90 minutes with styling.”

Here’s exactly what the glazed donut hair trend is, how to get it, plus an in-salon transformation that’s almost too sweet to be true.

What is glazed donut hair?

If you’re looking for a fast way to inject some life back into dull, drab strands with minimal upkeep, a glazed donut treatment may be just what the stylist ordered.

“Glazed donut hair is an intense shine treatment utilizing a clear gloss and highlights on the outer layer of the hair,” says Lewis. “Think glass hair but [with] more movement.”

How do you get the look in the salon?

“This is such a great quick service in the salon, and the results have a certain ‘wow’ factor with minimal effort,” says Alfredo.

To start, your stylist will determine whether your hair needs a base break, AKA blurring the line of new hair growth that has not been highlighted between foils.

“A base break can also be done to add extra shine and lift the natural base a half shade to a shade,” says Lewis. “I start by doing a base break if the client has previous highlights to blend the regrowth.”

For this speedy service, Lewis prefers doing a wet balayage. When hair is damp with water, the salt and hydrogen bonds start breaking down, allowing your lightener to lift more quickly and seamlessly. Unlike a traditional balayage, this helps reduce the processing time since you’re depositing color while lifting the hair simultaneously—translation: way less time in the salon chair without skimping on beautiful, healthy results.

Lewis explains that your colorist should paint the wet balayage in a zig-zag parting at the natural part line and around the face frame to add a touch of natural-looking brightness throughout the outer layer of hair.

After processing for up to 20 minutes, it’s time for the magic to happen—we’re talking topping off hair with that enviable dewy donut glaze. To do this, your stylist will saturate hair with a clear gloss, like Matrix’s SoColor Sync Clear, for about 20 minutes.

“This will seal the brightness and add intense shine,” says Lewis. “I usually recommend that my clients return every four to six weeks if they wish to keep their glazed donut hair.”

How do you maintain glazed donut hair at home?

Keeping up with your glazed donut hair at home is an important way to preserve your color and keep locks in tip-top shape in-between salon appointments, especially if you have sensitized blonde hair.

Unbreak My Blonde by Matrix was made for this,” says Lewis.

The system, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in, is an ideal trio for anyone trying to protect their strands during and after a lightening service. It can help strengthen mild to moderately damaged hair, revive over-processed strands, and even address sensitized hair. The result? Hair that feels and looks stronger, softer, and shinier.

Lewis also recommends Matrix’s Total Results Instacure system as another take-home care option, regardless of which hair color you choose during your glazed donut service. The line is formulated with liquid proteins to help reinforce and strengthen weakened strands. If your hair is damaged, weak, fragile, brittle, or overprocessed, this is your hair care range.

How to wear glazed donut hair

How do you wear glazed donut hair?

Any way you want!

“Shiny hair looks great straight, wavy, or styled in a high pony, braids, or whatever your heart desires,” says Lewis. “It’s a versatile trend, but keep in mind overuse of hot tools can compromise longevity.”

We always recommend using a heat protectant before styling with irons and blow-dryers and turning down your hot tool’s temperature to prolong your saccharine service.

What’s keeping you from taking a bite out of this trend? We suggest calling up your colorist while the glazed donut hair trend is still hot off the conveyer belt!

Interested in trying glazed donut hair? Head to for more pro-recommended products to add to your routine.

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