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30 Photos of Grey Ombre Hair That Give Us Life

woman with long grey hair

Back in the day, finding a single grey hair in your mane was cause for panic. That shining silver strand was a traitor, a backstabber, and a sure sign you were becoming a grandmother.

Fast forward to 2017, however, and you’ll find the story couldn’t be much more different. Instead of fearing the grey, we seek it out. In a move that would totally amaze and bewilder our mothers, we’re paying to have a colorist help us go grey early. Grey ombre, silver highlights—you name it, we’ll schedule an appointment for it.

One of the most accessible, beautiful ways to wear grey hair is an ombre. The blended color gradient allows for silver, blonde, and pastel accents. We’ve rounded up the most drool-worthy grey ombre ’dos on the internet for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t been feeling inspired, you’re about it be.

Long Grey Waves

If your general vibe is “model on vacation” or “reality star turned beauty guru,” long grey waves are probably the look that’s best for you. Few hairstyles are more elegant or simpler than this look, which benefits from the addition of color-matched extensions for thickness. Clipping in an extra track or two will provide extra fullness, whether you’re wearing your lengths in a loose braid or long, beachy curls.

Using a large-barreled curling iron, give your light grey lengths a gentle twist. To show off your hair color to the best effect, we advocate the generous application of shine serum. Don’t forget to finish off your look with a texturizing spray for strands that look more voluminous and lived-in. Voila, instant Instagram model hair.

Dark Roots with Grey Ombre

Celebrity colorists nearly always give the same trick when it comes to hair color: Leave the roots dark. While it may seem controversial, there’s reason behind the madness. Just the way shadows in a painting indicate depth, a dark root section adds three-dimensionality to your new color. That’s particularly true with brighter colors like silver.

As the hue fades into dark gray at the ends, you’ll be grateful for the notable variation in color. Trust us—the pros are never wrong, especially not when it comes to visible roots.

Pin-Straight Long Ombre

When you’ve just left the salon, the only goal on your mind should be how best to show off this incredibly opulent ombre. Opt for an pin straight look, since sleek strands have a reflective quality that your natural texture may not. If you love the look of extensions, now is your moment to clip them in.

Short Silver Lob

The lob hasn’t shown any signs of going out of style. Because the cropped look is so blunt and straight, it’s an excellent cut for showing off fresh hair color. After your colorist completes your silver to grey ombre, ask for a single-length cut.

To make the most of your silvery strands, you’ll want to invest in a high-quality flat iron and heat protectant spray. Section off your strands and straighten one a time, finishing the style with a sharp center part (we always recommend using a long-tailed comb for maximum precision).

Ashy Ombre

There’s no such thing as too much ashiness when it comes to hair, particularly in more fanciful shades like grey. For an ultra-modern take on the color, ask your colorist for a matte finish that’s both fresh and youthful. No matter your hair length or style, you’re certainly going to be fielding compliments. This is cool girl hair if we’ve ever seen it.

Grey Ombre Ringlets

When it comes to whimsical hair colors, colorists often end up defending the wearability of their creations. Grey hair is just as appropriate for weddings and formal events as it is for daily office wear. Who doesn’t want a wedding guest with fabulous grey hair? We’d even go so far as to call it the most black tie-appropriate of all hair colors.

In preparation for the special day, try ringlets on your newly dyed strands. Using a one-inch wand, create curls in one direction around your face. Coat the style with hairspray. Once your mane is cool, use your fingers to break up the ringlets into loose curls.

Ombre French Braid

If you’re a long-haired lady, you probably already rely on braiding techniques to keep your strands away from your face and create heat-free waves. While the style is certainly excellent for all that, there’s one braiding truth you may not know: Any updo makes hair color look so much better. All that bending and twisting pulls your strands taught, giving them the opportunity to reflect extra light.

Have a fresh grey ombre you’re hoping to show off to the world? A simple French braid or Dutch braid (the same technique, just inside out) is your best bet.

Old Hollywood Silver Bob

What better homage to the silver screen than hair that looks like it’s straight from a black and white film? Since silver hair is already an eccentric move, we like the look of the hue in a retro style. With that in mind, a waved bob is an excellent choice.

Pairing fresh color with a short length is a smart move for several reasons. Primarily, you’re going to have less hair to dye—that means a quicker appointment and less time in the salon chair. Secondly, you’ll have less damage to deal with. Instead of trying to manage broken ends, you can let your hair air dry and give it a little time off from heat styling.

Lilac Ombre

One our absolute favorite things about grey ombre is how nicely it plays with other colors. You’re not stuck with blonde or titanium—experimenting with hints of pink, purple, and blue is encouraged. With that in mind, let’s talk about our favorite color combo: lilac and grey.

Instead of feeling overdone or cartoonish, the pairing of lilac and pale silver looks incredibly sophisticated. Plus, the purplish hue is ideal for all complexions. If you’re feeling really daring, try the look with hints of platinum blonde mixed in for variety. It’s like holographic hair, just a little bit more unique.

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