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16 Holiday Hairstyles To Make Party Season Even More Festive

woman at holiday party with bun
The holidays are coming and that means just one thing: party season. Whether you have dark brown hair or partial highlights, it’s time to put your best hair looks together. If the idea of finding a new hairstyle from now until the new year stresses you out, don’t worry—we got you covered!

It’s time to retire the same curls you do every year and try something new. We’ve gathered 20 holiday hair ideas that are perfect for this year and every year after. Scroll down to see them all!

photo of rolled ponytail friendsgiving hair

Double Roll Ponytail 

The worst part about having so many parties lined up is the reality that we have to constantly wash our hair to rid ourselves of all the hairspray needed to create intricate styles. If constant washing seems to be causing dryness, give your hair a break with one of our favorite looks this season—Friendsgiving hair! This double roll ponytail looks best on day two hair and is super easy to recreate.

Pine Cone Hair

It’s that time of year when pine cones are showing up left and right. We’re used to seeing them embellishing classic holiday decor like wreaths and Christmas trees, but why not take this emblem of the holidays and repurpose it for our hair? It amps your updo and makes a big impact.

Accessorized Braid

When we’re trying to elevate our look, we immediately think of beautiful braids. Although a braid can hold its own, we love the addition of accessories to take it to the next level.

Autumnal Updo

It’s no secret that fall is in the air. From the changing leaves to the lingering smell of pumpkin everywhere you go, we’re utterly obsessed with this season. The only thing that makes us fall more in love is this updo that uses fall accessories to adorn your hair. Perfect for your next gathering, it’ll give everyone their favorite fall feels.

Bow Hair

‘Tis the season for wrapping all of your precious gifts and presents in a beautiful bow—including your hair. Use a festive multicolored scarf to achieve a look that’s simple yet creative.

Embellished Half Up ‘Do

If updos aren’t your thing, let’s meet somewhere in the middle by doing a half up style. These infinity braids in tandem with textured curls are bound to turn heads at your next holiday party. The hairdo an absolute stunner and you’re sure to become the center of attention by adding a gorgeous hairpiece to it.

Intricate Twisted Ponytail

This time of year is all about giving and we’re telling you to give yourself the gift of this breathtaking hairstyle. Skip the YouTube tutorials and book an appointment with your stylist to create this intricately twisted pony. We promise it’ll be all worth it when you’re done and come out looking beautiful.

Braid With A Bow

Remember when mom used to style your hair? If you’re questioning when you became so grown and want to recreate the same holiday feelings you experienced when you were younger, start by emulating mom’s favorite ‘do. The half up braid tied with a bow at the end is the perfect holiday look no matter how old you get.


Whoever said tiaras were made solely for weddings wasn’t thinking about the hostess with mostess. A crown enhances your chignon and makes you stand out even more than your centerpiece. Putting together a holiday party is a lot of work, so don’t be afraid to strut your stuff.

Sequined Headband

If you’re anything like us, you’re always trying to find strategic ways to add more glitter or sequins to your holiday outfits. If that’s the case, try hair accessories. Adding a sequined headband to your twist or braid is the perfect way to add more glitz to your look.

Romantic Half Braid

If you’re trying this romantic half up braid, don’t be surprised when you get caught under the mistletoe this holiday party. It’s a lovely look that’s universally flattering and will draw the attention of many bachelors (or bachelorettes!) in the room.

Ponytail Bow

The phrase “less is more” has never been more accurate with this party pony. This look is so easy and chic that we’re almost offended. Tie your ponytail with a giant bow this year and let the compliments roll in.

Fancy Clip

With a party every weekend, it’s almost impossible to do an extravagant hairstyle for each event. That’s why we love adding a statement piece to our hair and letting that do all the talking for us. It steps up your holiday hair without any extra effort.

Braids With Accessories

Braids and accessories for the holidays are never a bad idea, but we understand if you get stuck trying to execute these elaborate looks. For that reason, we recommend trying two these gorgeous yet completely doable French braids at the side of your hair and adding accessories to them. Once you’re all done, you’ll be in awe of your styling skills.

Messy Braided Bun

“I woke up like this” meets holiday vibes with this messy braided bun. Completely wearable for all your holiday festivities, we love this look for girls who don’t like to put in a lot of effort but still want to look like they tried. You’re welcome in advance.

Detailed Updo

This time of year is the perfect excuse to go big or go home when it comes to your gifts, parties, outfits, and especially your hair. Show this look to your stylist for a gorgeous and detailed updo that will take your friends’ breaths away.

Looking for a glamorous hairstyle for your holiday party? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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