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Mulled Wine Hair Color Is The Wintery Red You Need To Try

women with short wine hair color

Winter is unofficially the season of hunkering down, drinking a hot beverage, and settling in until summer comes again. Once September rolls around, we usually find ourselves online shopping for cashmere and dreaming about long days spent in the snow.

Since the urge to hibernate is so strong, it makes sense that winter would also come with a wide array of warm, welcoming hair colors. Whether we’re talking about gold ribbon around a Christmas tree or the rich brown of hot cocoa, all these colors and styles remind us that coziness is of the utmost importance when it’s so cold outside.

That’s where mulled wine hair color comes in. We’ve seen this hair color trend building for some time now, incorporating the best of deep red and burgundy shades into a beautifully nuanced ruby color. Named after the hot red wine brewed with spices like cloves, anise, and cinnamon, this red hair color stays true to its namesake by incorporating brunette and espresso influences.

What is mulled wine hair color?

By this point, social media has presented us with a fantasy look made with practically every color in the rainbow. Unlike rainbow hair and cotton candy ombre, mulled wine hair is a shade you can take into class or the office. It’s subtle, rich, and perfect for seasonal wear.

The ultimate aim of mulled wine hair color is a smooth ombre from dark brown hair to bright berry. If you’re open to notes of violet, the luminous shade can create a more youthful take on the trend. Your colorist will be the best resource for any subtle variations that customize the look to flatter your complexion.

Unlike pastel shades that begin growing out within a few weeks, this ombre will grow out quite naturally for those with dark hair. That’ll mean fewer touch ups between salon visits and a less obvious line of demarcation.

What kind of maintenance does mulled wine hair require?

Like any dramatic hair color change, there are a few factors you’ll want to consider before booking a chair at your favorite salon. In order to create the ideal shade of red or violet, your colorist will need to bleach your hair and lift any existing color from your strands. Unfortunately, bleach goes hand-in-hand with damage. Many products developed for colored hair can specifically help maintain your strands for beautiful locks.

It’s not just bleach that should be on your radar when choosing products, either. Vibrant reds and purples can fade quickly. Using a salon quality system of products (we love Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner) is the best way to maintain your color over time. Your colorist can recommend a regular salon schedule for touch ups.

What’s the best way to wear mulled wine hair?

For trendy colors, we always recommend a medium length cut with some texture or wave. Shorter hair has less weight to it, meaning your strands move frequently and show off the many facets of your new shade.

We also love dark reds on pixie haircuts. They’re punchy and playful, bringing a much-needed zest to dull wintery days. Whichever cut you choose, it’s sure to be a stunner.

The Best Mulled Wine Hair Color Ideas To Try

Good hair day by @sharonlytle.

Subtle Mulled Wine

You like the trends but don’t like the trends to wear you instead of the way other around. We have the perfect solution in this subtle mulled wine ‘do that reflects back red but still largely reads as dark brown hair.

Good hair day by @linuslee.lcj.

Cherry Wine

Amp up the red with this cherry wine shade that brightens your traditional mulled wine. If you’re a natural brunette looking for your next hair color step for any skin tone, look no further!

Good hair day by @huesalon.

Mulled Wine Lob

Trendy shades and short, blunt haircuts are our all-time favorite hair combination. To make this one work, choose the darkest shade of mulled wine you can.

Good hair day by @elynho.

Wine Extensions

Whether you crave the extra inches or are just proud of your new clip-ins, wearing extra long hair in an of-the-moment shade is one of our favorite moves.

Good hair day by @sydneyannlopezhair.

Mulled Wine With Highlights

Keep your color nuanced with the help of these stunning red highlights over a mulled wine base. Dimensionality is the easiest way to make any hair color look more expensive!

Good hair day by @styledbychey.

Muted Wine

We’re not all out here trying to wear fiery red hair. For those of us who stand by a pastel or a watercolor hair color option, muted wine is the ideal pick for your next big salon session.

Good hair day by @ginabarnes_.

Mulled Wine Waves

OK, glamour waves! These satiny Hollywood beauties are the ideal date to any holiday party or family event on the horizon.

Good hair day by @pekelariley.

Wine Curls

Great news: wine hair and curls are basically a match made in boozy heaven. We love the way this cool-toned do looks against any skin tone!

Good hair day by @shell.vega.

Jewel-Toned Rainbow

Liking mulled wine hair doesn’t mean you’re prohibited from experimenting with any other color! These multicolored highlights will steal the show.

Good hair day by @frances_hairartist.

Wine Ombre

Dip your toe—and the ends of your hair!—into this wine-colored ombre look. If you’re not sure about committing to this shade longterm, just the ends is the perfect way to try it.

Looking for a mulled wine shade of your own? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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