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7 Gorgeous Side Swept Bangs Ideas That Will Make You Want Fringe Now

blonde woman with side bangs and woman with curly brunette hair with side bangs

Some hairstyles that just happen to be built with every woman in mind; there’s no face shape they can’t flatter and no hair texture they don’t play up. One of the most classic examples of that unicorn hairstyle is side bangs. Simply put (and contrary to popular belief), bangs are a good idea for everyone because they're perfectly customizable based on face shape and still in style in 2019.

Until recently, we’ve been recovering from long preteen years spent enduring our mothers’ thrifty home-cut bangs. Thankfully, today’s fringe looks nothing like that semi-uneven situation (sorry, Mom). Side bangs, which are regular bangs pushed away from the face, are easily paired with almost any style, hide unwanted forehead space, and add panache to even the simplest cut. Whether you have dark brown hair or ash blonde, keep these genius side bangs ideas in mind.


Why try side bangs?

Why not try side bangs? That’s the better question to ask. These choppy strands are majorly in style for the new year, particularly the extra short kind. Blunt baby bangs are a dose of ‘90s nostalgia, and they make any ‘do seem a little more punk rock.

If you’re not much of a trend follower, rest assured that long bangs are also a good look. Whether wispy or full, side bangs are a simple and feminine way to frame the face and create movement on even the longest manes.  

There’s also a convenience to side bangs, which can be worn across the forehead, pinned away from the face, or braided back. They’re easy and uncomplicated, which makes them our new favorite staple hairstyle.

What are you waiting for to give side fringe a try? We guarantee it’s a good idea.

The Best Side Swept Bangs Ideas For Every Face Shape

Wispy Bangs

Our friends with fine hair often complain about how trapped they feel by their texture. It’s too flat to hold volume in a blowout, too oily to skip daily washing, or too limp to look nice in a ponytail. Luckily, plenty of angel-haired ladies have paved a path to hair happiness with fringe. Instead of giving up on your look, ask your stylist for wispy side bangs.

The resulting style accomplishes two ends at once. On one hand, you’ll finally achieve that “peppy ‘50s teen queen” look you’ve been secretly coveting. On the other, you’ll have successfully created the illusion that you have far more hair than actually sits on your scalp. Two birds, one stone. That’s how we like it.

Full Bangs

Then again, some women have an entirely different mane dilemma: too much hair. If you’re constantly trying to stuff your strands into a hair elastic that’s stretched to its limit, full bangs will probably play nicely for you. With the right images as inspiration, your stylist will cut side swept fringe that covers most of your forehead.

To make the most of this cut, you’ll need quite a bit of volume at your roots. Be sure to ask your professional for their recommendations on a root-boosting product that will keep your bangs big. A spray or two of dry shampoo never hurt, either. Before leaving your stylist’s chair, be sure to get a tutorial on the correct way to blow dry your full side bangs to avoid any bad hair days.

Shaggy Bangs

Break out your denim flares because the shag is back, baby! Just when we thought the ‘90s had totally taken over the fashion and beauty world, 1970 reared its snazzy head. The traditional shag cut focuses on maximum volume at the crown with feathered layers that thin to delicate ends. 

Like the shag cut, shaggy bangs are all about the drama of disco fever. Expect razored ends of several slightly different lengths draped across your forehead. Blondes, in particular, can use thoughtfully placed highlights to create even more texture. Live like the retro bombshell you’ve always been inside with these bangs.

Piece-y Bangs

Are you a woman who can’t get enough texture? Do you use up multiple aerosol bottles of volumizing spray every month? Well then, piece-y bangs are probably the side swept beauties your life is missing. Think of them like an extra grown-up version of their shaggy sisters.

Instead of snipping straight across or at a diagonal to craft your fringe, your stylist will slice into the line of your bangs with a razor. As a result, you’ll leave the salon with a textured, edgy fringe that’s reminiscent of styles we saw in the early ‘00s. The fashion trends of the millennium are still going strong!

Curtain Bangs

When it comes to updos, we always recommend curling a few face-framing pieces and leaving them free. That’s essentially the idea behind curtain side bangs, a longer style that should sit just at your jawline. The result is a look that’s simultaneously très chic and effortless—our favorite kind of hair style.

If you’re a lady who loves to play with hair color, you’ll be surprised at how beautifully this look works with well-placed highlights. Ask your colorist for subtle, natural-looking shades like caramel or honey on brunette or dark blonde hair. The resulting style is summery and laidback.

Layered Bangs

Layers are basically the workhorses of the hair world, disguising extra round faces and building volume at the crown. While blunt cuts are striking and trendy, we’re confident that layers will always win in the end. Who can resist a hairstyle that’s tailor-made for your face? Not us, that’s for sure.

Instead of maintaining your fringe as a separate entity from the rest of your hair, ask your stylist to blend the two together with strategic layers. Skipping the chunky bluntness of cropped fringe will ensure you end up with a natural-looking, voluminous style.

Braided Bangs

There’s a key stage in every woman-fringe relationship, one that usually happens about the time your bangs start to reach past your brows. Staring in the mirror, you’ll start to wonder if bangs were the worst decision of your life. Don’t panic, because this is a totally normal occurrence!

To prevent a case of the bang blahs, put your braiding skills to work. Pull your bangs away from the face and to the side with a lace braid, which is a combination of French braid and traditional braiding styles.

Just like that, you're ready for bangs! Use the hashtag #HairDotCom to let us see how yours turn out.

Interested in cutting side bangs of your own? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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