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Salon Spotlight: Arrojo Studio In New York, NY

22 February 2019
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Emily Arata

Senior Editor

Everybody knows Nick Arrojo—everyone with a TV, that is. If you were alive and paying attention any time around the year 2003, you’re probably well aware of the cheery Englishman and his trusty razor-cutting techniques that reliably made over badly-styled women from across the country for years.

In the hair industry, Arrojo is a force to be reckoned with. Since 2001, he’s opened up three studios in New York City—one of the most competitive hair landscapes in the world—launched his own line of Arrojo-branded products, and totally revamped America’s view of the permanent wave.

Whether you’re playing tourist in Manhattan or looking for longterm hair commitment, stop by any of the mogul’s salons for the trademark Arrojo experience: “Fuss-free, comfortable, creative.”

Keep reading to learn about what makes Arrojo salons so unique.

arrojo salon chairs from the side

The Brand

Unlike other salons, Arrojo doesn’t preach the gospel of your hair stylist being your best friend for ever and ever. Instead, his team focuses on the consistency of service under the umbrella of Arrojo training.

“When you come to Arrojo, it’s about an experience,” the stylist explains. “In most salons, everybody has a chair and they have their own spot. In my salon, no one has a chair and no one has a spot. It’s completely fluid.”

Instead of feeling locked into one pro, you can try any stylist and be guaranteed the same level of service. It doesn’t hurt that two of the three locations boast their own cosmetology schools, either, so Arrojo stylists can go straight to work on the floor when they’ve completed their training.

While swapping stylists is unusual for the industry, Arrojo credits it with allowing his clientele to feel supported as young hair artists come and go in the Big Apple. There’s nothing worse than getting attached to the exact shade of blonde your stylist creates before never seeing her again.

arrojo salon exterior

The Locations

Whether you visit the Williamsburg, TriBeCa, or SoHo location, there’s no mistaking an Arrojo salon. With a minimalist palette of black, white, and red—Arrojo’s favorite color—the high-end but straightforward aesthetic and lack of clutter set the stage for color, cuts, and major hair transformations.

“My whole thing has always been clean, minimal, simple, functional—industrial-chic is what we call it—and really the most important thing in the salon is the client,” Arrojo says. “The client is the concern, not the fancy coffee and not the fancy robe.”

In fact, it’s Arrojo’s obsession with creating the ideal salon experience that’s led to the customization of every element in his salons. The chairs, stylist stations, and retail furniture are all unique designs that belong to the Arrojo brand.

“When you come to Arrojo, it’s about an experience,” he says. “It’s not just about getting your hair done.”

If the Arrojo team has done its job, check-in to final blowout should be seamless. Worry about the rest of your life, but never your hair appointment.

arrojo salon products and entryway

The Products

Aside from his savvy with a razor, Arrojo is best known for his brand’s American Wave service. This ain’t your grandma’s perm, but rather a revamped premium service designed to imbue your hair with effortless texture. Think good hair straight out of bed—the best texture money can buy.

“In the last five years we’ve seen a return to curl, wave, and texture,” Arrojo says. “The hair went smooth, it went straight, it went straighter, and then it went straightest. Now people are happy to have a little bit more of their natural texture.”

When it comes to color, Arrojo’s team creates shades with the aid of L’Oréal Professionnel. Almost four decades into his career, the salon owner prioritizes partnering with brands he trusts for consistent results.

“I really felt like I wanted to have that heritage, that history, that support,” he says.

And, if you come in for a haircut, be prepared to try some of Arrojo’s eponymous hair care product line, sold at every location. The Arrojo experience doesn’t just end at the door—take a shampoo or conditioner home with you and it that spa-like feel can continue in your own home.

arrojo salon chairs

The Services

Thinking of booking an appointment? Your hair is in for a major treat. A cut by Arrojo himself will run you $500+, while a master stylist’s cut is $137 to $208. Highlights start at $143, and hair painting starts at $220.

If texture services are more your style, inquire about Arrojo’s American Wave. The service starts at $400, while a deep conditioner with a pro blowout is $58+.

For bridal hair services, expect to pay $300+.

The Details

Arrojo Studio SoHo is located at 180 Varick St. and Arrojo Studio TriBeCa is located at 200 Hudson St. in New York, NY. Arrojo Studio Williamsburg is located at 11 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY. To book an appointment at SoHo, call 212-242-7786 or visit to book at any location. Follow the salon on Instagram @arrojonyc.

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