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2023 Is The Year Of Rebel Cuts, Vibrant Color, and Hair Transformations

Ready to try a whole new look this year? 2022 is the year we re-embrace experimentation, read on to find out which rebellious look is right for you.

After many months of caring for your hair at home and playing it safe with hair color and cuts, 2022 is the year we re-embrace experimentation. We’re talking vibrant hair colors that give the rainbow a run for its money, rebel cuts that do not hold back for even a second, and hair transformations that deserve all the applause. 

This is your cue to call your stylist and schedule an appointment ASAP, because it’s officially time to experiment with your hair again. Not sure which 2022 hair trend is perfect for your next look? Keep scrolling to find all the inspiration you’ll need. 

Rebel Cuts

Rebellious haircuts are precisely what they sound like: styles that push expectations. They’re the opposite of quick trims, modest cuts, and perfectly done ‘dos. Rebel cuts take guts, and they’re anything but shy.

Good hair day by @bree.little.

Wolf Haircut 

The wolf cut is a mix between a rocker mullet and retro shag. “You can make it wild or chill it out, keeping the length, volume, and wispy layers on point,” says Sharon Spellman, hairstylist and Matrix brand ambassador. “The versatility of the wolf is endless. It’s an extremely gender-neutral style; therefore, all humans can spice up their look and feel their best.”

The wolf cut is all about leaning into texture and volume, so pick-up a product like Matrix Miss Mess Dry Texturizing Spray to take your on-trend cut to the next level. 

Good hair day by @pcoxout.

Modern Mullet 

Want a style with even more edge? Look no further than the modern mullet. This classic rebel cut is still short in the front and long in the back. However, the latest iteration of the style has more length around the middle, giving you much more hair to play with. (We argue the party’s in both the front and back.) For that rough and tough texture, try Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

Good hair day by @edengolden.

Octopus Hair 

The octopus haircut gets its name because of its resemblance to the sea animal, with rounded volume at the top and disconnected, long thin layers underneath. Similar to the wolf cut, it’s a mix between the mullet and a shag, only it has a softer look and feel that’s all its own. For the heightened volume at the top, spray L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Volumetry Anti-Gravity Effect Volume Spray at your roots before styling. 

Good hair day by @cajsawessberg.

Shaved Heads 

Sometimes, the most dramatic looks are the simplest. Case in point: a shaved head. Whether you go for a minimalist buzzcut, an undercut, or an ultra-cropped pixie, going short in 2022 is one of the best ways to channel your inner rebel. 

While you'll have less upkeep when it comes to your strands, do spend some extra time giving your scalp some TLC. Kérastase Scrub Apaisant Deep Clean Fusio Dose Scrub is a gentle cleanser for your scalp that combats dryness, dandruff, and flakes.

Good hair day by @pacolatorre.

Dramatic Hair Transformations

After literal years of staying indoors, playing it safe, and following all the rules, you can bet that people are ready to make their grand debut in 2022 with dramatically different hair. 

This will mean something different for everyone, of course. The goal is to do something unexpected—to the point that you even surprise yourself! Maybe that means taking your hair from blonde to red, experimenting with a fashion color, adding dramatic length via extensions, trying a new protective style, or going for the big chop a la a pixie, bob, or shaved head. 

Good hair day by @iheartlizz.

Vibrant Hair Colors

Along with rebel cuts and head-turning hair transformations, ultra-vibrant hair colors are a definite yes for your hair in 2022. Trending hair colors include yellow (not blonde, but true yellow!), red, snow white, smokey blue, lime green, purple, and hot pink. 

Not feeling a fashion color? You can always make your current hair color more vibrant. Highlights are a great way to add brilliance, brightness, and dimension to your strands. You could also turn up the vibrancy by having your colorist take you a shade or two lighter or darker. 

Whatever color you choose, make sure to keep your strands vibrant with a hair care system that prevents fading, like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Good hair day by @highonhair.

Experimentation Without Commitment

If you’re not ready to commit to a major hair transformation just yet, we hear you. The good news is that you can always opt for the temporary or low-key route. 

For example, if you want to go shorter but are freaking out over the thought of losing all that length, try a wig instead. You can also try different styles that mimic shorter cuts. Conversely, add extra length with hair extensions.

You’ve got some temporary options when it comes to hair color, too. Redken Shades EQ (available in-salon) is a low-commitment color option, as are semi-permanent hair colors, temporary hair color sprays, and color-depositing conditioners

Keep your hair looking great with our fleet of hair care products.

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