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Meet Your Newest Hair Color Obsession: Brown Amber Hair Color

photo of women with brown amber hair

We know we already declared 2020 the year of the brunette, but not even we could have predicted the incredible amount of on-trend brown hair colors we’d have to choose from—and it’s only February! We know we say this every time, but our newest brunette obsession may just be our favorite one yet. As fashionistas flocked to New York City for Fashion Week, we couldn’t help but notice our favorite brunette babes recently gave their brown strands a warm update, transforming their once dark brown strands into brown amber masterpieces.

Looking to update your brown hair color just in time for spring. Continue reading to find out everything about the hair color that’s about to dominate your Instagram feed.

What is brown amber hair color?

If you or someone you love has brown eyes, chances are good you’ve seen a brown amber hue before. You know that moment when someone with brown eyes looks up and their deep chocolate eyes catch the light, and just for a moment, their irises are tinged with red and gold? That’s amber brown. Now, just imagine that breathtaking combination in a hair color. To create brown amber hair your colorist will expertly mix shades of cocoa, gold, and auburn to create a multidimensional hue that shines like no hue you’ve ever seen before.

How do you care for brown amber hair color?

Whenever you head to the salon for a hair color change, you can expect to make a few changes to your at-home haircare routine. First, swap out your shampoo and conditioner system for one formulated for color-treated strands. We love Kérastse Bain Chromatique Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Reflection Fondant Chromatique Conditioner For Color Treated Hair. The system nourishes strands and works to protect hair color by creating an anti-deposit effect on the hair's fiber. That means your hair color can shine on and be its most vibrant self.

If you notice your new hue beginning to turn brassy, once a week, swap out your shampoo and conditioner for a blue pigmented formula like Redken’s Color Extend Brownlights Shampoo and Conditioner. This color-depositing toning shampoo and conditioner help to neutralize warmth and get rid of brass in brown hair with highlights or balayage.

It’s not likely your colorist will have to use bleach to create your new hue, but any color service has the potential to make your strands look and feel drier than usual. Treat your mane to some extra TLC with a weekly hair mask, like Kérastase Reflection Masque Chromatique Hair Mask. The treatment deeply nourishes hair to protect and prolong healthy hair color, while neutralizing water particles so strands can look as vibrant and as shiny as possible.

Ready to take amber brown hair color for a spin? Read on for our six favorite takes on the latest hair color trend.

The Best Brown Amber Hair Color Idea To Try Now

Good hair day by @sarah_radders and @jordanhone.

Brown Amber

Whether you’re a tried and true brunette or are looking to slay the deep hue for the first time, you can't go wrong with classic brown amber. The warmth in brown amber complements just about every skin tone and looks insanely shiny—no shine serum needed.

Good hair day by @ciaracasey_jchair.

Brown Amber Balayage

In search of a low maintenance way to try the trend? Look no further than brown amber balayage. Keeping your new hue away from your roots will make your grow out experience more seamless than you could ever imagine.

Good hair day by @hairbybritny.

Brown Amber Money Piece

Love the brown amber trend but aren’t ready to part with your precious hue? Give the money piece a try. This popular hair color technique perfectly frames your face and highlights your eyes without totally changing your hair color.

Good hair day by @haircolorkilla.

Brown Amber Texture

Thinking brown amber hair color is just for ladies with straight hair? Think again! We love the wat the hue shines on textured hair types.

Good hair day by @malkonyanhair.

Golden Brown Amber

If you love brown amber hair color but don’t want to commit to a dark brown hue, take golden brown amber for a spin. This delicious blend of golden blonde and amber brown is bound to lighten up any room.

Good hair day by @ismaelvvargas.

Brown Amber Babylights

Looking for a quick and easy way to update your hair color? Babylights may be exactly what you’re searching for. These baby-fine highlights add some much-needed depth and dimension to your color without completely changing your look.

Interested in brown amber hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment with a stylist near you.

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