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Immerse yourself in the cherry cola hair trend taking social media by storm. Find expert tips on achieving and maintaining this shade, plus 14 color ideas.

Dive into the Delicious World of Cherry Cola Hair Color

Immerse yourself in the cherry cola hair trend taking social media by storm. Find expert tips on achieving and maintaining this shade, plus 14 color ideas.
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Thanks to ‘90s nostalgia, we’ve enjoyed the revival of many hair color trends. And the latest to make a comeback is none other than cherry cola hair. The captivating shade features a fusion of rich brown and vibrant red hues, taking inspiration from the beloved soda.

Much like TikTok’s recent fascination with cherry cola lips, it’s easy to see why this hair trend has once again taken the beauty world by storm. As cherry cola beauty continues to dominate social media, you may wonder how to achieve and maintain this vibrant hue on your own hair.

From the color application process to your aftercare routine, there's much to know before diving into this trend. We tapped renowned Matrix colorist and "Queen of Reds," Constance Robbins, to break it all down for you. Plus, we'll delve into the hottest styles and haircuts that complement this mesmerizing hue, giving you a myriad of options for your next hair transformation.

What is cherry cola hair color?

Cherry cola hair color is a chocolatey brown base hue with deep, reddish-burgundy overtones. “To me, cherry cola is when brunette hair catches the sunlight [and] it just has that little hint of red,” adds Robbins.

The color first caught on in the ‘90s and has re-emerged like all the great nostalgic hair trends from the era. (And you’ll soon discover why!)

What skin tone best suits cherry cola hair?

The warm and cool undertones of cherry cola hair make it wearable for most skin tones. On fair to medium skin tones, the richness of cherry cola adds warmth and depth. Against darker skin tones, it creates a dramatic contrast. Ultimately though, it's a captivating option for anyone seeking a charming fusion of red and brown hues.

How to Get Cherry Cola Hair Color

Cherry cola color beautifully accentuates natural brunette hair, but it's also adaptable for those wanting to make a bold transition from other shades. This burgundy hue easily takes to virgin dark hair without bleach. If you have color-treated hair, however, bleach is usually necessary to lift your existing color before applying the cherry cola shade. It’s important to note that bleach will always cause damage, but a professional colorist can work with you to maintain the look and feel of your strands.

For the actual color application, Robbins trusts SoColor Pre-Bonded Permanent Cream Hair Color by Matrix. It’s formulated with the brand’s exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate to protect the inner hair structure—so you can maintain the integrity of the hair, color after color.

How to Care for Cherry Cola Hair Color

Once you have this vibrant, rich hue, you’re going to want to make sure it’s properly taken care of. Red hair color tends to fade faster than other shades, making proper at-home hair care even more essential.

Wash less often.

When it comes to keeping your new cherry locks rich and healthy, washing less often is key. The molecules in red dye are much larger than other colors and are easily stripped with every wash, which is why those with this hue will often see “color bleed” after a shower. Learn more about this and how to seamlessly transition into red hair here.

Use a color-care system.

When you do decide to wash, be sure to pick up a shampoo and conditioner system designed for color-treated hair to help preserve and protect your hue. Robbins recommends Matrix Food For Soft Hydrating Shampoo and Hydrating Conditioner formulated to safeguard color, nourish locks, and replenish hydration.

Pro Tip: Using cool water when washing your hair can help boost shine and keep your color looking vibrant for longer.

Enhance shine.

Once you have your dream hair color, the last thing you want is for frizz to ruin it. To keep your cherry cola strands flyaway-free, use Matrix’s Food For Soft Multi-Use Hair Oil Serum for smoother, softer hair and enriched shine. (Bonus: The product has built-in heat protection.)

How do you cut and style cherry cola hair?

Expressing yourself through hair is a journey of personal exploration. Experiment with vibrant cherry cola until you find the look that resonates with your style and personality. With that in mind, a few trending looks pair perfectly with cherry cola hair.

Long soft waves or glamorous curls add dimension and movement, while layered bobs and lobs are a great on-trend option. Or, if you want to embrace a bolder chop, an edgy pixie exudes confidence while letting your color take center stage.

As far as textured hairstyles go, cherry cola adds depth and richness to braids and twists, creating stunning woven and multi-dimensional styles. You can always elevate updos with a pop of cherry cola as highlights or peek-a-boo accents. Keep scrolling for more cherry cola hair inspo—we’re sharing our favorite ways to wear this vivid.

The Best Ways to Try Cherry Cola Hair Color

Good hair day by @evanjosephcurls

Cherry Cola with a Pop of Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, cherry cola hair color will add vibrancy to your ringlets. Enhance the shape of your curls by using Matrix’s A Curl Can Dream Light Hold Gel. Infused with Manuka honey extract, this product helps define curls and coils without flaking or crunch.

Good hair day by @hairbyjero

Cherry Cola Long Bob

Long bobs are ideal for those who want to sport a shorter style without sacrificing all their length. With a shorter cut like this, keeping up with regular trims will help remove any damage that ensues from frequent coloring appointments. Add flair to your lob with some beach waves or a cute hair accessory.

Good hair day by @prettylittleombre

Cherry Cola Highlights

Cherry cola highlights are a great, low-commitment way to try this trend. This shade of red highlights against a darker hair color can create a bold contrast that’s ideal for any season.

Good hair day by @krazy4hair

Liquid Cherry Cola

The liquid hair trend is still going strong, and cherry cola hair color adds a touch of sultry allure to the look. For more on glass hair’s ultra-reflective (like water) sister, read our liquid hair explainer.

Good hair day by @autumntunnell

Subtle Cherry Cola

For a touch of cherry cola sweetness that won’t overwhelm your look, opt for this subtle and sophisticated shade. Here, the hue was used to revive an old balayage while maintaining the hair’s rich, jet-black base.

Good hair day by @hairbyreema

More Cherry Than Cola

Indulge in the richness of cherry red mixed with cola brown lowlights. For a hue this vibrant, you’ll want to keep a hair gloss system on standby like Redken’s Acidic Color Gloss. The four-product collection prolongs your shade while conditioning strands leaving your mane silky and radiant.

Good hair day by @pati.rodrigz

Cherry Cola Wash and Go

This dynamic combination of color and style adds dimension and texture to your hair, creating a playful look. The best part is you can just wash and go to get the look!

Good hair day by @mrsgazabrown

Cherry Cola Soft Waves

Did you know ombre hair is back? Take the opportunity to sport a cherry cola ombre with romantic waves to exude a polished feel that’s super trendy.

Good hair day by @svestilistas

Sparkling Cherry Cola

Use Redken Color Gels Oils in Sangria (5RV) to replicate this stunning, deep red tone. Then, when styling, infuse your cherry cola locks with an extra dose of brilliance using the brand’s Shine Flash. The anti-frizz spray provides instant shine without feeling greasy, so your new hair color sparkles.

Good hair day by @lamajbackwards

Cherry Cola Silk Press

Experience the sleek sophistication of a silk press boosted by luscious cherry cola tones. Learn how to get the look with our silk press guide.

Good hair day by @beautybylee

Cherry Cola Pixie

This fusion of rich cherry hues and cola undertones makes for a striking pixie cut that flatters darker complexions in particular.

Cherry Cola Bedhead Hair

Channel an effortless, cool vibe by rocking bedhead hair and a cherry cola color. And, while your style may be carefree, it doesn’t mean your r color upkeep has to be. Add Purelogy’s Color Fanatic Top Coat + Tone Red to your shower routine to restore cherry tones in between salon appointments.

Good hair day by @georgiahaverty

Cherry Cola Glam Waves

Let your cherry cola locks cascade in glamorous waves for a look reminiscent of Old Hollywood style. Trust us, you’re going to want to pin this to your holiday hair mood board.

Good hair day by @leysahairandmakeup

Cola with a Hint of Cherry Ombre

Try a modern ombre blend that transitions from cola roots to cherry-tinted ends. This gradual shift adds dimension and depth to your hair, creating a captivating visual effect.

Want to explore more popular winter hair colors? Read 42 Dreamy Hair Colors That Are Trending for Winter 2023.

Header photo credit: @krazy4hair and @hairbyreema

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