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30 Easy And Stylish Updos For Long Hair In 2024

updos for long hair

Having down-to-there hair is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you can achieve pretty much any Pinterest-worthy braid you set your sights on. When it comes to updos, however, it can be difficult to find easy hairstyles that can handle all of that length.

If you’ve been searching for updos you can conquer without the help of a stylist, we’ve gathered 30 of our favorites for you to try at home whether you have dark brown hair or something brighter. Once you’ve mastered updos for long hair, there isn’t much you can’t do!


Crown Braid

Begin by creating a middle part from your hairline all the way to your neck. Use a traditional three-strand braiding technique to braid both sections of hair. When you’ve finished braiding, secure each braid with a clear hair elastic.

Working with one side at a time, bring the braids up and across the top of your head and pin them in place. Lock your look in place with a high-hold hairspray like the Redken Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray. The highest hold hairspray with volumizing spray gives hair long-lasting body while protecting from frizz and giving hair humidity protection.


Half-Up Crown Braid

Looking to show off all of that gorgeous length? If you want the sophistication of a crown braid while letting your long hair shine, opt for a half-up variation of the look.


Ballerina Bun

Start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head and secure the ponytail with a clear hair elastic. Split the hair from the ponytail into two sections and twist them around each other until you reach your ends.

Wrap the combined sections around the base of the ponytail to create a bun, tucking the ends of the hair underneath the bun and securing your look with bobby pins and hairspray. For a more sophisticated look, try wrapping a metallic bun cuff around the base.


Five Strand Braid

Here’s a hairstyle that’s a bit more complex: Unlike a traditional three-strand braid, you’ll use five strands to create your plait. The five-strand braid technique might seem challenging, but the braiding possibilities are endless after a bit of trial and error!


Bouffant Ponytail

Ponytails don’t need to be boring, and this voluminous, bouffant pony proves just that. This style works best with second-day hair, so fake it with a few spritzes of texturizing spray like the Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray if your strands are freshly washed..

Undone Chignon

Whether you’re heading to date night or to dance the night away at a wedding, this soft chignon can elevate your look for just about any event. Apply a few spritzes of flexible hair spray like the Pureology Style + Protect Soft Finish Spray for a flexible, radiant finish.


Top Knot

This staple updo is as easy (and stylish) as it gets. Simply create a high ponytail and twist your strands around the base. Secure your bun with bobby pins and you’re ready to go, top knot in place!


Oversized Updo

If you've been looking for a reason to finally invest in hair extensions, this oversized updo works beautifully with super long hair.


Double Dutch Bun

Double the braids, double the fun! Create double Dutch braids before tying the remainder of your hair into a low bun for an updo that’s both elegant and playful.


Triple Rope Braid Updo

If you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for styles that are equally trendy and practical. This triple braided bun is not only totally on trend, but also more than capable of keeping your mane out of your face all day (and maybe even last you through an intense workout).


Fishtail Braid Side Bun

To begin this style, detangle your mane and sweep all of your hair over your shoulder. Craft a fishtail braid beginning at the nape of your neck and continue braiding until you reach your ends. Pancake the braid for volume and fullness and wrap it into a bun, using bobby pins to secure the bun and completing your look with a few spritzes of hairspray.


Embellished Bun

Looking to get in on 2019’s biggest accessory trend? Slip a few stylish hair barrettes into your updo to give your mane an instant upgrade.


Twisted Half Updo

Let your hair down and keep your strands away from your face with this twisted half-up hairstyle. Instead of a traditional hair elastic, pop on a minimalistic hair clip for the perfect finishing touch.


French Pull-Through Braid

This elegant ‘do isn’t actually a braid at all, but a series of ponytails intertwined to create the illusion of a plait. If you’re not looking to flex your braiding skills, this is the hairstyle for you!


Tuck And Roll Chignon

Begin with clean, detangled hair and apply a heat protectant like the Biolage Thermal Active Setting Spray throughout your strands to protect against heat styling while adding body and volume for long-lasting control. Use a flat iron to smooth out your tresses before you begin styling.

Gather all of your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Starting at the ends, roll the hair up around your fingers. Tuck your roll in to create your chignon and secure the look with bobby pins and hairspray.


Curly Bun With Bangs

We’re only a few weeks away from summer—which means it’s time to let your texture shine! We love to pair natural ringlets with the effortless and chic look of a bun. Paired with curly bangs, you’re officially on-trend for 2019.


Fishtail Braid Updo

Craft a simple fishtail accent plait before completing your updo for a look that’s both casual and romantic.


Pinned Ponytail

In 2019, we’re skipping traditional hair ties that pull and tug on our strands. Instead, opt for a stylish hairpin to hold your pony in place.


Unicorn Braid Ponytail

Unicorns might be the stuff of fairytales, but this whimsical ponytail named after the mythical creature is very real (and so easy to achieve). If you’re really looking to give your strands fairytale vibes, pair your sleek, braided pony with a fantasy hair color.

Textured Ponytail

We’re dubbing this textured ponytail the easiest hairstyle of all time. All you’ll need is a hair elastic and a texturizing spray to make this undone updo yours!


Space Buns

Festival season might be over, but we’re not opposed to wearing this double bun hairstyle all year long. Apply hair makeup or glitter to your mane to really have some fun with your look.


Low Double Buns

If you’re looking for a double bun ‘do that’s a bit more mature, try crafting your buns at the nape of your neck.


French Twist Pony

Did someone say French girl hair? If lots of texture and blunt bobs aren’t for you, try a Parisian-inspired ‘do like a French twist pony to show off all of that length.


Face-Framing Updo

Once your low updo is nearly complete, gently loosen a few strands framing your face to create a softer appearance.


Blended Braids

Mix up your braiding techniques to create an updo that looks far more complicated than it actually is.



As any hair connoisseur knows, dimensional hair colors make any hairstyle stand out. That’s why we love this updo and vibrant color combo.



Complete with a flower crown and piece-y texture, this updo gives us major bohemian hairstyle vibes.



If primped and proper updos aren’t really your thing, opt for something a bit more on the wild side. Looking for an edgy hairstyle? A faux-hawk might be the perfect fit for you.


Tied With A Bow

Forget everything you used to know about hair bows—they’ve come a long way from the childlike accessory you wore in grammar school. Now, they’re a classy and simple accessory that adds a touch of glam to any updo.


Retro Updo

If you’re looking to throw it back a few decades, you can’t go wrong with this vintage bouffant updo.

Interested in more styling tips for long hair? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.


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