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16 Pulp Riot Hair Color Ideas To Save Now And Try Later

a woman with vibrant blue braids and a woman with a bright pink bob

As an editor at, you can imagine I scroll through tons of hair images a day. While I’m pretty set in my blonde ways, I’ll admit, I’m still obsessed with looking at vibrant hair colors—a girl can dream, right? If there’s one brand I can spend hours scrolling through its social media feed in search of vibrant, fantasy hair colors, it’s Pulp Riot. Featuring permanent and semi-permanent hair colors that artists use to create all kinds of hair color creations, the brand is undoubtedly a go-to if you’re looking for vibrant hair inspiration.

Searching for Pulp Riot hair color ideas for your next big hair change? We pulled 16 ideas from the brand’s Instagram account that you can bring to your colorist from rainbow hair to neon shades.

Photo Credit: @bright_hair_by_yulia.


If there’s one thing that catches our eye each time we scroll through Pulp Riot’s Instagram, it’s the rainbow hair color creations. Whether you want a full head of rainbow or a peekaboo variation, there’s a way to make rainbow hair work for everyone.

With hair as vibrant and colorful as rainbow, heat styling can cause your hue to prematurely fade. That’s why we recommend investing in an air dry product like Biolage Styling Air Dry Glotion to make air drying your mane easier.

Photo Credit: @jackieinmanhair.


Not sure which vibrant hair color you should try for summer? We’re casting our vote for turquoise. With an oceanic shade like this, you'll turn heads all season long.

Photo Credit: @bleachedandblown.

Neon Yellow

Only the bravest of hair daredevils try neon hair colors, and if you want to step even further out of the box, opt for neon yellow. If you want to keep your neon shade as vibrant and shiny as possible between salon appointments, be sure to add a shampoo and conditioner system like Matrix Total Results Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner to your routine. This system helps keep adventurous hair colors looking bold, feeling addictively soft, and radiating with megawatt prismatic shine.

Photo Credit: @cozmic.color.

Hot Pink

For the girls out there who aren’t afraid of attention, why not try hot pink hair? This bright, punchy shade of pink is celebrity-approved and works for any skin tone (but looks exceptionally stunning if you have a summer tan).

If you plan on heat styling your mane with a hue as vibrant as hot pink, you’ll need a heat protectant to protect your strands and keep your color vibrant for as long as possible. We recommend Kérastase L’Incroyable Blowdry Hair Lotion. This heat protecting lotion provides heat protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit with shape memory and frizz control.

Photo Credit: @hairbykatienoel.


Brunettes—if you’re looking for a vibrant hue that perfectly complements your dark locks, consider plum. We particularly love the look of a plum balayage with a dark base color.

Photo Credit: @lyndadidit.


Not only does mermaid hair let you live out your childhood princess fantasy, but this whimsical blend of blue and green hues is also on-trend (and flattering for every skin tone).

Photo Credit: @CAltls4A8gs.


Can’t get enough of beach-inspired hair trends? Us either! If you want to feel like you're on a tropical vacation even when you’re hundreds of miles from the beach, ask your colorist for a coral hue.

Photo Credit: @heatherpaints_hair.

Crimson Red

Ready to give red a go? If mellow shades like auburn and copper aren’t for you, ask your colorist for a bold crimson hue.

Photo Credit: @jaimyw.

Rose Gold

Just like the jewelry it’s named after, rose gold hair color is undeniably eye-catching. Blending blonde, pink, and gold shades, we predict that this iridescent hue will remain on-trend for years to come.

Photo Credit: @glamiris.

Ultra Violet

It’s impossible to scroll past a photo of ultra violet hair and not give it a second glance. While this bold shade comes with a ton of maintenance, the color payoff is totally worth it. When it comes to maintenance, it’s essential not to overwash your hair as shampoo can strip the vibrancy from your color. Invest in a dry shampoo like Pureology Style + Protect Refresh & Go Dry Shampoo to instantly refresh oily hair while protecting color vibrancy.

Photo Credit: @colorbyerin_.


For a major color change that’s equal parts laidback and dramatic, you can’t go wrong with lavender. This pastel purple hue is ideal for fair skin tones.

Photo Credit: @tmelong.

Half And Half Color

It’s okay to be indecisive when it comes to your hue—particularly with a trend like half-and-half color. Your colorist will part your hair down the middle and paint a different shade on each side of your head.

Photo Credit:

Mother Of Pearl

Iridescent, colorful, and bold—mother of pearl is perfect for blondes looking to add a bit of edge to their hue. Beginning with a light blonde shade, your colorist will add pops of pastel pink, blue, green, and lavender for a high-shine, metallic finish.

Photo Credit: @katehanu.


Pulp Riot might be known for fantasy shades, but we’re also obsessed with their blonde hair colors—i.e., this stunning platinum blonde shade. If you’re thinking of going platinum, you’ll need a purple shampoo and conditioner in your hair care routine. We recommend Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Shampoo and Conditioner. This system contains ultra violet pigment and the brand’s exclusive Triple Acid Protein complex to tone, strengthen, and brighten all in one.

Photo Credit: @eunicekimhair.

Coral Face-Framing Highlights

Are you one of those girls who loves scrolling through images of vibrant hair colors, but can never commit to an all-over fantasy shade? If you have a dark base color, ask your colorist for colorful face-framing highlights to edge into vibrant hair colors. The best part? This high-contrast look is still fairly low-maintenance.

Photo Credit: @chelseabrebeauty.

Bubblegum Pink

When it comes to fantasy hair trends that have stood the test of time, bubblegum pink never disappoints. Depending on your skin tone and desired level of maintenance, bubblegum pink can be worn muted and pastel or punchy and vibrant.

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