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Halloween Hair Color: 17 Ideas To Get You In The Spooky Spirit

Searching for Halloween hair ideas to pair with your costume? Read on for 17 stunning Halloween hair color ideas.

The search for the perfect Halloween costume has officially begun! Whether you’re opting for a store-bought ensemble or crafting your own DIY look, there’s plenty that needs to be done to ensure that your costume is 100 percent ready for the spookiest day of the year. Once you’ve finalized your outfit, hair accessories, and makeup look, you’ll need a Halloween hair color that’s going to tie the entire costume together! That’s where we come in. 

If you want a hue that perfectly matches your costume, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of hair colors for Halloween. Keep scrolling for 17 Halloween hair color ideas, whether you’re committing to a permanent change at the salon or searching for temporary hair color ideas.

How do you temporarily dye your hair for Halloween?

There are so many ways to try temporary hair dye for Halloween, but most products come in the form of sprays, chalks, gels, or creams. There are even salon-quality color-depositing conditioners, such as Biolage’s ColorBalms, that can temporarily transform your hue while providing intense conditioning. 

How long does Halloween hair dye last?

Depending on the products you use and how often you wash your hair, DIY Halloween hair color can last between one to six weeks. Colored hair sprays typically last until your next wash day, while semi-permanent hair colors can last a few weeks. If you’re feeling really committed to upgrading your costume this year, however, a professional colorist can help you create a customized Halloween hair color that perfectly matches your outfit. Note: This will likely last much longer. 

Searching for Halloween hair inspiration? Keep scrolling for 17 Halloween hair colors to try in 2021. 

The Best Halloween Hair Colors To Try Now 

Good hair day by @serahdoeshairahh.

Fire Ombre

Obsessed with red hair color for 2021? Upgrade your costume with this gorgeous fire ombre. Whether your costume is cute or devilish, you’re bound to turn heads. 

Good hair day by @fullmetaljaxon.

Black And Silver

If you’re planning to wear a spooky ensemble this year, a black and silver hair color is sure to complement your look. 

Good hair day by @robinowensbeauty.

Buzzed-About Warm Tones

This warm-toned, vibrant blend, combined with a patterned buzzcut, gives ultimate queen bee vibes. 

Good hair day by @vanessastylesyou.

Color-Blocked Cheetah

Searching for another way to amp up your buzzcut for Halloween? Ask a pro colorist to recreate this multi-colored cheetah pattern. You may not be the actual queen of the jungle, but you can definitely channel cheetah vibes on October 31. 

Good hair day by @locksbylauryn.

Romantic Pink Blend

It’s not Valentine’s Day quite yet, but love is in the air with this cupid-inspired pink hair color creation. 

Good hair day by @hairbywinter1.

Pumpkin Orange

Not only is orange hair one of the hottest hair color trends at the moment, but it’s also the ultimate Halloween hue. 

woman with rockstar halloween hair color

Good hair day by @hairgod_zito.

Rockstar Neon

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a real-life rockstar at least once in their life? With a blend of neon hair colors, edgy makeup, and black leather pants, you’ll be ready to live out your ‘80s rockstar dreams to the fullest. 

women with platinum blonde halloween hair color

Good hair day by @cristianchiffi.

Ice Queen Platinum

Whether you’re looking to channel the mother of dragons or a certain iconic animated ice queen, complete your look with a platinum blonde hair color. Opt for a wig if you’re looking for a no-commitment way to wear the shade. 

women with fantasy halloween hair color

Good hair day by @shell.vega.

Fairy-tale Vivids

Whether you want to be a fairy, a butterfly, or a unicorn, opt for a bright hair color to get lost in your own fairy tale for the night. 

woman with dark brown halloween hair color

Good hair day by @ashleyglazerhair.

Dark Brown

Dark brown may sound basic, but it’s actually fit for royalty! In fact, two of the most iconic duchesses in the world have dark brown hair. Pop on a crown or a jeweled headpiece to channel your inner princess this Halloween—don’t worry, you won’t turn into a pumpkin at midnight!

woman with mermaid halloween hair color

Good hair day by @constancerobbins.


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a mermaid, be part of that world for the night with mermaid-inspired hair color. 

woman with blonde halloween hair color

Good hair day by @sorayahstyles.

Old Hollywood Blonde

We have no problem wearing vintage hair any day of the year. For Halloween, however, we like to take our Old Hollywood-inspired looks up a notch. If you have a pixie cut, you can rock retro glam with light blonde hair and pin curls. 

woman with rainbow halloween hair color

Good hair day by @rebeccataylorhair.

Rainbow Hair

If you’ve been desperately wanting to try a rainbow hair look, Halloween is your chance to finally do it. You won’t need a full-on, flashy costume for this look—let your hair be the star of the show! 

photo of woman with half-and-half halloween hair color

Good hair day by @hairgod_zito.

Half-And-Half Color

Show off two sides of your personality this year with half and half hair color. Whether you opt for something dark and sultry or vivid and bright, there are so many ways to match half-and-half looks to your costume. 

photo of woman with red halloween hair color

Good hair day by @hairbysamanthafox.

Supervillain Red

Poison Ivy is one of the most notorious supervillains in history (and one of the most replicated for Halloween). If your all-green, nature-inspired ensemble is complete, you’ll need bright red hair color to finish off your look. 

photo of woman applying glitter halloween hair color


A few spritzes of glitter spray can add some flair to your Halloween hair. Apply it throughout your strands for all-over shimmer or use the glitterage technique for a more uniform look.

photo of woman with pastel pink halloween hair color

Good hair day by @jennyfotografiebeauty.

Galactic Pink

Space buns, metallic makeup, and over-the-top jewelry are must-haves for your alien costume, but a pastel pink hue will take your extraterrestrial look to the next level. 

No matter which halloween hair color you choose, be sure to use a color care system formulated to help keep your hue fresh between salon appointments. 

Interested in trying Halloween hair color? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you.

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