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Searching for Halloween hair color and style inspiration to pair with your costume? Here are 47 spooktacular ideas.

Halloween Hair: 47 Styles and Colors to Get You In the Spooky Spirit

Searching for Halloween hair color and style inspiration to pair with your costume? Here are 47 spooktacular ideas.
Halloween Hair: 45 Styles and Colors to Get You In the Spooky Spirit

The search for the perfect Halloween costume has officially begun! Whether you’re opting for a store-bought ensemble or crafting a DIY look, plenty needs to be done to ensure that your costume is ready for the spookiest day of the year. Once you’ve finalized your outfit, , and makeup, you’ll need a Halloween hair color or hairstyle (or both!) to tie the entire costume together! That’s where we come in.

What can I do with my hair for Halloween?

Think of your hair as the crowning glory of your Halloween costume. Consider vibrant and fantastical options like , neon-colored streaks, or enchanting for a dash of whimsy. Or, if you're leaning towards the eerie side, try sleek and mysterious black hair or blood-red vampiress tresses. For those seeking a more playful approach, a colorful wig can instantly amp up your costume game. And don't forget to explore hair accessories, too. A sparkling tiara or bewitching can really top off your Halloween look.

Good hair day by @amandaepsteinhair

How do you get big hair for Halloween?

Getting big, for Halloween is easier than you might think—it’s all about finding the right product. Start with a reliable product like Redken Full Volume Mousse to achieve that gravity-defying volume. The beauty of this mousse is the built-in heat protection, so there’s no need to reach for a separate before picking up your hot tools. Apply it to your damp hair, focusing on the roots for that extra lift. Then, grab your trusty hair dryer and a round brush to amplify your hair's volume as you blow dry. For an even more dramatic effect, consider your hair gently at the crown for added height and structure.

Don't be afraid to embrace bold styles, like -inspired curls or a towering updo—it's Halloween, after all! Finish off your big hair look with some hairspray to lock in the volume and ensure it stays fabulous throughout the night.

How do you temporarily dye your hair for Halloween?

Temporary Halloween hair dye is a great way to switch up your look for the night. Think: sprays, chalks, gels, and creams. We’re also fans of salon-quality color-depositing conditioners, such as Biolage Professional’s Color Balms, that can temporarily transform your hue while providing intense conditioning.

Good hair day by @hairbylaurenhendricks

How long does Halloween hair dye last?

Unlock the world of temporary hair color and find an option that fits how long you want your new look to last. The longevity of your DIY Halloween hair color can span from one night to six weeks, influenced by both the specific products you apply and your hair washing frequency. For a more short-term transformation, colored hair sprays are a fitting choice as they typically endure until your next wash day.

Alternatively, lasts for several weeks. Yet, if you're fully committed to elevating your costume this year, collaborating with a professional colorist presents the opportunity to fashion a bespoke Halloween hair color. It's worth noting that such professional treatments will likely last well beyond the spooky season.

But whether you’re searching for , committing to a permanent change at the salon, or you’re stepping completely out of your realm with a new updo, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of hair colors and styles for Halloween. Keep scrolling for 47 Halloween hair ideas that have it all, including inspo for different textures and hair lengths.

The Best Halloween Hair Color Ideas to Try Now

Good hair day by @colorbyjacob

Galactic Pink

A hue will take an extraterrestrial look to the next level. If you go the permanent color route, pick up a formulated to help keep your fresh new color looking flawless between salon appointments. Our pick: Matrix Keep Me Vivid Shampoo and Conditioner.

Good hair day by @marieevefaucher

Fire Ombre

Elevate any devilish costume into an All Hallows’ Eve showstopper with the addition of this daring fire ombre, which is guaranteed to turn heads.

Good hair day by @hairbysamanthaj_

Black and Silver

You don’t need to wear a costume to fully embrace spooky season. A black and silver hair color combo will help you show your Halloween spirit and look stylish all season long.

Good hair day by @lorendoeshair and @lorencltmane

Skunk Stripe

Villains can give us hair inspiration, too! Take a cue from the antagonist of everyone’s favorite dalmatian movie by opting for a platinum “” streak on .

Good hair day by

Jester Color Block

We don’t know about you, but this turquoise has ‘evil jester’ written all over it.

Good hair day by @tomasbondhair

Cheetah Buzzcut (Slide 2 of 3)

Amp up your buzzcut for Halloween by asking a pro colorist for a fun design like cheetah print. Just be sure your colorist is skilled in hair artwork to pull off an intricate effect like this.

Good hair day by @bareeminimum

Tiger Buzzcut (Slide 3 of 3)

Keep the jungle party going with tiger stripes on your short ‘do.

Good hair day by @tomasbondhair

Clown Buzzcut (Slide 1 of 3)

Clowns will always rear their heads come October. Instead of fear, provoke stares of awe from trick-or-treaters with a portrait of a clown or other villain of choice.

Queen Bee Buzzcut

Embody queen bee vibes by transforming your buzzcut into a captivating blend of warm honey tones. Throw on a yellow and black ensemble, a pair of wings, and top with a crown.

Good hair day by @hairbylunabelle

Romantic Pink Blend

Love is in the air with this Cupid-inspired pink hair color creation. Remember, on Halloween, anything goes, so why not bring the Valentine’s Day feels early?

Good hair day by @bymadisonfrances

Pumpkin Orange

Not only is one of the hottest hair color trends, but it’s also the ultimate Halloween hue.

Rockstar Neon

Who hasn’t dreamed of being a real-life rockstar at least once? With a blend of , edgy makeup, and black leather pants, you’ll be all set to live out your musical dreams.

Good hair day by @courtlandhair

Ice Queen Platinum

If you want to channel a certain iconic animated ice queen, complete your look with a .

Good hair day by @emily_hair_colorist

Ice Queen Blue

Here’s another way to lean into the ice queen aesthetic: Dye your hair a frosty blue, or wear a for a damage-free way to wear the shade..

Good hair day by @chris0712

Fairytale Vivids

Whether you aspire to become a , butterfly, or unicorn, choose a and you can get lost in your own fairytale for the night. A playful statement clip is all you need to polish off the look.

Good hair day by @live_love_dohair

Rich Brunette

may sound basic, but the shade is fit for royalty! In fact, two of the most iconic duchesses in the world have dark brown hair. Pop on a crown or a jeweled headpiece to bring out your inner princess this Halloween.

Good hair day by @hairbylunabelle


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a , you can be part of that world for the night with mermaid-inspired hair color. There are a number of ways to get the look, including balayage, ombre, and color melting. Your colorist can help you pick the right technique for you. Then, ask them for holographic highlights or to take your look to the next level.

Good hair day by @bombhairbybrooklyn

Old Hollywood Blonde

Sure, you can sport any day of the year, but if they don’t fit your everyday aesthetic, then Halloween is just the right occasion for one. If you have a , you can rock a retro glam look with light blonde hair and pin curls.

Good hair day by @mslameylynnhair

Rainbow Balayage

If you’ve desperately wanted to try a look, Halloween is your chance to finally do it. You won’t need a full-on, flashy costume for this look—let your colorful be the star of the show!

Good hair day by @colorbygemma and @sarahthehairnerd

Unicorn Highlights

Unicorns are the epitome of magic. Infuse some of their whimsy into your own mane with pastel rainbow highlights. You can jump on the trend as shown here, or go more subtle with light streaks sprinkled throughout your strands.

Good hair day by @pati.rodrigz and @melissashairartistry

Peekaboo Rainbow

Try rainbow instead of an all-over color for something more wearable beyond Halloween. If you part your hair a certain way, the colors will peek out through the undersides of your hair. And when you want a more natural look, your rainbow can be easily tucked away.

Good hair day by @heartandsoulhairartistry

Half-And-Half Color

Show off two sides of your personality this year with . Whether you opt for something dark and sultry or vivid and bright, there are so many ways to match half-and-half looks to your costume.

Good hair day by @francescaverteramolab

Venomous Supervillain

Feeling toxic this Halloween? Go as one of the most notorious supervillains in history (and one of the most replicated for Halloween). If your all-green, nature-inspired ensemble is already laid out, you’ll need bright to complete your look.

Good hair day by

Bewitched Purple

You’ve decided to channel your inner gothic diva and dress up as a witch this year. Now you’re searching, “What does witch hair look like?” and the options are a little more grim than you had hoped. Make dark purple your new statement color—you’ll want to wear it long after the festivities have ended.

The Best Halloween Hairstyles to Try Now

Searching for Halloween hair color and style inspiration to pair with your costume? Here are 47 spooktacular ideas.

Good hair day by @iddle_bitt


Tiny braids, gold beads, a bright bandana, and a beachy texture are keys to creating a last-minute pirate look. Scrunch your hair with a golf-ball size of Matrix’s Setter Mousse for that lost-at-sea touch.

Good hair day by @coloredbycanyon

Creepy Crawly Clips

Festive clips are a low-effort way to show some Halloween spirit if you’re heading into the office or staying home to meet trick-or-treaters. Jazz up your hair with , and you’re ready to take on the night.

Good hair day by @kurlsandkutsbyken


A few spritzes of glitter spray can add some flair to your Halloween hair. Apply it throughout your strands for all-over shimmer, or use the for a more uniform look.

Good hair day by @honeyhairandco_

Galaxy Girl

Metallic makeup and a futuristic outfit are must-haves for any alien costume, but can take your look to the next level. Have some fun with them by adding in braids for a unique finish.

Good hair day by @curly.azahara

Messy Fairycore Updo

You’ll want to tinker around with this curly updo if a certain green fairy is on your costume radar this year. Refresh your curls after a long night of mischief with a spray like L'Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Curls Reviver Spray.

Good hair day by @thelovelyhairclass

Dream Doll Ponytail

2023 was the year of the aesthetic, and that trend extended to our hair. Super voluminous, ultra-feminine styles characterize dream doll hair. Think: Free-flowing strands, teased , and flippy like the one above.

Goth Girl

This signature braided is so easy, you can pull it off in a *snap snap*. Peep the tutorial above to get this iconic Halloween hair idea just right.

Searching for Halloween hair color and style inspiration to pair with your costume? Here are 47 spooktacular ideas.

Good hair day by @liddle_bitt

Goth Girl

Have a set of clip-in bangs handy? Use it to put a new twist on the iconic braided pigtail hairstyle seen on everyone’s favorite goth gal. It’s so easy, some may even say you can pull it off in a *snap snap*.

Searching for Halloween hair color and style inspiration to pair with your costume? Here are 45 spooktacular ideas.


Simplify your braided pigtails even further with a pared-down two-strand twist. If you woke up this morning without a costume, throw on a button-up and a plaid skirt and call yourself a schoolgirl. Class is in session.

Good hair day by @_looksbylexie_

Spiderweb Undercut

A spindly surprise awaits beneath these unsuspecting layers of hair! Gather your hair into a ponytail and feel the envious stares of other Halloween-goers creep up your neck.

Good hair day by @philipwolffhair

Boy Band Member

Use Halloween as an excuse to give boy band hair a spin. No matter which group you swooned over, it’s highly likely that at least one member used to sport this iconic shaggy cut. The styling options are also a breeze to recreate for your costume. Learn three different styling techniques from Matrix global educator and hairstylist Philip Wolff in the above tutorial.

Good hair day by @alexthaohair


Nothing screams quite like butterfly clips, and they work for various hair textures. Top off flat twists at the crown of your head with these teeny clasps or sprinkle throughout box braids—there’s no placement that’s off-limits. Slip on some low-rise jeans and the teeniest crop top you can find, then you’re ready to blast off into the early 2000s.

Good hair day by @jasminele

’90s Popstar

Spike up your life with this spikey bun, reminiscent of a legendary UK girl group. Follow content creator Jasmine Le’s tutorial above and lock in your look with Matrix’s Vavoom Freezing Spray Extra Full.

’80s Rocker

Two things for sure—‘80s fashion and hair were memorable. A is all you need to pull off the above rocker style—and some edgy leather, of course. (This may be your excuse to try a !)

’70s Hippie

There’s a good reason why costumes are tried-and-true favorites: The hairstyling options are endless. Flower crowns, braided headbands, and loose are just a few beloved styles.

’60s Flipped Ends

A quick flick through any fashion magazine in the would reveal plenty of models sporting the famous mod-era . Go as extreme as you want with it because that’s part of the fun!

Good hair day by @sumans.waves

Disco Curls

Retro ‘70s hairstyles like disco curls are all the rage right now. Halloween or not, this bombshell look will have you ready to dance the night away.

Good hair day by @hairbybradleyleake

Ballerina Bun

If you needed another excuse to wear your signature style, a ballerina costume is it.

Searching for Halloween hair color and style inspiration to pair with your costume? Here are 45 spooktacular ideas.


Old Hollywood finger waves are essential to channel your inner flapper for a roaring ‘20s soiree. This Halloween hair idea is especially easy to pull off if you have .

Good hair day by @marielodiandreakos


were basically gospel for finding hair and fashion inspo back in the day. Choose your favorite heroine and go all out.

Good hair day by @miggyhair

Cupid’s Bow Buzzcut

You can also exude a lovestruck vibe by opting for a Cupid design on your buzzcut.

Good hair day by @bun.headd

Fast Food Queen

Halloween is the one day of the year you can get wild with your hair without raising any eyebrows. If you’re a fast foodie, pay homage to your favorite drive-through order with fun clip-on accessories like nuggets and fries.

Good hair day by @themorganbrackhair

Christmas Elf

Can’t wait another moment for Christmas? Break out the holiday bells and whistles for Halloween instead.

Interested in trying one of these Halloween hair ideas? Use our salon locator to book an appointment at a salon near you and discover more trending content on .

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